What would it cost to solve world hunger?

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The UN has estimated that it would cost around $30 billion annually for the next three to five years. (from 2008)
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What is World Hunger?

World Hunger is when several countries or a whole Continent goes without or with little food.

How can you solve world hunger?

Answer . buy products such as ONE WATER this company, gives all profits to third world countries to make PlayPumps.. http://www.onedifference.org/uk/water/

What would Jesus say to the world today about how we deal with the hunger?

I love this question. I won't presume to answer for Jesus, but I would like to give my opinion: Matthew 25:34-40 makes it pretty clear that when we do things like feed the hungry and clothe the poor, we're doing it for Jesus. Leaders of the Church won't like what I have to say BUT: when people, e ( Full Answer )

What would Jesus do today to stop world hunger?

Exhort his followers to feed the hungry as he did when he was alive. He would participate as well as when he fed the multitudes. Jesus may well also deal with the underlying causes of hunger, in many cases the greed in men's hearts, selfishness, and lack of compassion.

Is ethanol causing world hunger?

Ethanol is being made out of crop (food plants) for use as a biofuel (an alternative to fossil fuel for cars). While this is a good thing for the planet because the carbon from biofuels is not adding to the carbon load in our atmosphere, using crops for biofuel manufacture means that some of the w ( Full Answer )

Why is there world hunger?

because some people can't afford and the richer people take all the money. Answer 2: Of the resources we need, food is a major limiting resource. If there were overall more food, there would end up being more people, and/or people would consume more, and thus people would still be hungry. It is ( Full Answer )

What is the cause of world hunger?

Selfish people. Fat people. Wasters. Many countries in Africa have almost no food because of the dry, arid climate and because of famine,disease,war and natural disasters. There being just not enough food in the world or countries not donating food to help developing countries.

What are some facts about world hunger?

-Every year, 15 million children die of hunger. -For the price of 1 missile, a school full of children could eat lunch everyday for 5 YEARS! -3 Billion people in the world today struggle to survive on $2 a day. -One out of every 8 children under the age of twelve in the U.S go to bed every night hun ( Full Answer )

What is causing world hunger?

There are many causes for world hunger. Some common reasons are famine, poverty, and food shortages.

World hunger is one of the major concerns caused by the rapid population growth can you give me one or two solutions to help solve this problem?

Stop the population growth. The Chinese Government is the only country that has seriously attempted this by trying to limit children to one per family. . Grow more crops. . Both of these "solutions" are so overwhelming that it is difficult to see any way out. Millions of people will continue to d ( Full Answer )

What can you do to stop world hunger?

There are many things you can do to stop world hunger.. You can.... Donate to organazations such as feed the children and help the children.. You can vollenteer at your local food bank or soup kitchen.. You can learn more about hunger and then spread your knowledge with others to create more awa ( Full Answer )

How do you solve your hunger when you dont eat?

By going back in your buildingproces.. It depends on your age and bodytype, bodystructure and state of devellopment.. At least, if you want to maintain as best you can, what you already have built.. Turning back the clock. 'Eat yourself'. Fatreserves, big muscles, that's where I start.. People t ( Full Answer )

How was world hunger in the past?

It was not such a big deal because people didn't care or were starving themselves. For example in Africa there was no widespread hunger because colonial rule ironically maintained stable governments which could feed their own peoples.

How can you help end world hunger?

you can help the earth by recycle or....... you could stop wasting food and give people who need food some help (at a charity or etc.), you could do this maybe like 1-2 times a week/month/year no matter what, it will help end this

What are some world hunger organizations?

one organizatoin is dare to care they help out a lot with all the money and help those kids or people that need the food from the hunger

What can you do about world hunger?

While we all see celebraties, and charities sending food and stuffto countries that are affected by world hunger - a normal personcan do this, completely free of charge! Just check out some listsof local charities.

Where does world hunger exist in the world?

World hunger is a term that basically means the quotient of hunger over the world. So world hunger exists all over the world... HUNGER, however, does exist everywhere, but mainly in less developed countries. And, also some countries include, Africa, Haiti, and most countries i say in Africa becau ( Full Answer )

What can be done to end world hunger?

Given the sheer numbers of people living in situations of extreme poverty - an estimated 925 million people were chronically hungry in 2010 - many often assume that the cost of ending world hunger is astronomical and out of our reach. This is, fortunately, not the case. COST Less than 1% of gross na ( Full Answer )

How much would it cost to cover the world in chocolate spread?

To work this out you would need to decide on a price of chocolate-spread per square metre; Let's say £1.46psm And say that the total land surface of the Earth is 148,327,070 square kilometres: Your answer would be roughly around: £216,080,000,000,000. Hopes this helps answer this bizarre quest ( Full Answer )

Imagine that you have the ability to solve any one problemin the world describe which problem you would choose to solve and explain?

Here are some ideas of problems you might want to write about / talk about; different people will have different opinions on which is the most important, depending in part on their beliefs: . Poverty . World peace . Increasing human intelligence . Increasing humanity's ethical standards . Maint ( Full Answer )

How does war impact world hunger?

War is a political cause for hunger. War slows or stops food production and marketing. Food supplies are often taken and used for soldiers during war, crop cycles are interrupted, seeds and livestock are consumed in desperation, and children suffer lasting health damage as a result of insufficient f ( Full Answer )

How does world hunger effect people?

World hunger effects people because it makes so many people poor and hungry and they can die because of starvation

How does Katniss solve the conflict in The Hunger Games?

Well, the problem is never really SOLVED until the last book, but in the end of The Hunger Games, she decides that they are not just one piece in the Capitol's games, so she and Peeta each take a Nightlock berry (the poisonous one used to kill Foxface) and eat it at the same time. They both live aft ( Full Answer )

How biofortification can solve problems of hidden hunger?

The biofortification is an appropriate, achievable and cost-effective strategy to alleviate mineral malnutrition (hidden hunger). Therefore, fortification is being increasingly recognized as sustainable solutions to various health problems associated with micro-nutrient malnutrition, especially in d ( Full Answer )

How much would it cost to purchase a world wall map?

A more expense one, such as an antique, may cost you thousands. On the cheaper side, between $20 and $60. An older model could be found on ebay or from an online antique dealer. A newer one could be found on amazon.com from a variety of vendors.

How can GM food solve problems of world hunger?

GMO foods have been grown since 1996 and thus far most have been genetically engineered to be resistant to herbicides or to produce a substance in the plants themselves that kill insects when they are eaten. Unfortunately, they appear to have created, or possibly created more environmental pollution ( Full Answer )

How big a problem is hunger in the world?

Hunger is an enormous problem to starving countries such as China, Africa, and some parts of the United State. If we did not have world hunger that the death toll would be significantly less due to death by starvation.

How much does the hunger games cost?

To buy a book, is just a little over 10$ if you want a hard cover. A little bit under 10$ if you dont want a hard copy - Those are the prices from Wal-Mart But at Barnes & Nobles, I think its the same, goes for all book stores. Right now Im on Catching Fire. Just buy the book... its worth ( Full Answer )

Would human extinction solve the worlds pain?

yes because it will cause no more pollution and decrease the destruction of nature. ___________ No, that's silly. The earth is in fact feeling no pain. Humans are simply speeding up what are perfectly natural cycles on earth. The earth has gone through stages much more toxic than the present, and it ( Full Answer )

How is the main problem solved in the hunger games?

katniss and peeta are the only two left and they both agree to eat the poison berries to kill them selves to show the game makers that they are not the boss of them, but right before they do it the game makers declare a game victory for both peeta and katniss.

How much would it cost to eradicate hunger?

I regret sounding so negative; hunger cannot be eradicated no matter the cost. There is no way that enough people and resources could come together to do this. Not only that, we are at the point where the only result of our mismanagement of earth's resources will be horrendous and widespread famine. ( Full Answer )

How would you tell an uneducated person suffering from hunger and poverty that the world is a good place?

This is a very good question; . Is the world a good place? That's the real question. . The earth was beautiful, and still is, but what is really wrong with the earth? . I don't believe there is any real evidence that education has been a good force for overall all of life or heath on earth. It ( Full Answer )

What are some of the facts about world hunger?

In 2012, World Hunger affected 925,000,000 people, with the largest percentage of the affected living in Asia and the pacific. World hunger doesn't simply refer to 'hunger', but to a lack of food in countries throughout the world.

What would it cost to cruise the world?

There are a variety of agencies that offer cruises. A cruise around the world, would be rather extravagnt, with prices ranging from $5000 to $20,000 depending on the length of the voyage, agency, etc.