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The UN has estimated that it would cost around $30 billion annually for the next three to five years. (from 2008)

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Q: How much money would it take to solve the world's water crisis?
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What is the water crisis?

A water crisis is when the water demand of a region outstrips the availability of potable water.

Does saving water in North America help water crisis in Africa?

Depends on what you do with the water you save or the money saved. Could help, but if you just save it and keep it in North America, no.

What is the meaning definition of water crisis?

A water crisis is a situation where the available, unpolluted water within a region is less than that region's demand.

Is water crisis and water pollution the same thing?

No. Water crisis could mean a shortage of water (or even a flood). Water pollution is only about dirt and other contamination in the water.

What crisis claims more lives than any war?

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Water crisis what regions are identified?

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Is water pollution a crisis?

for drinking water, Yes.

The global fresh water crisis?

the global fresh water crisis is affecting everyone so just kill your mum

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In what ocean is approximately half of the worlds ocean water found?

The Pacific holds half of the worlds ocean water.

What percentage is earth's water frozen water?

A bit less than 2% of the worlds water is frozen. Antarctica accounts for about 80% of the worlds fresh water.