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I'm not sure of your question. It should go from 2nd to 3rd then to OD. When was the last time you changed fluid and filter in your tranny?

I just had the same problem on my 2001 Ford f-150 and it was the Tps unit. I dont know if they are the same on differant years.

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Q: What would keep an automatic transmission on an 1990 Ford F-150 truck from second to overdrive?
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Need a diagram of a 1993 Nissan truck automatic transmission with overdrive?

where is nissan 93 pickup overdrive relay

Can you install a overdrive transmission in a 1990 Chevy pickup?

That truck came factory with a 700R4 transmission. And that has overdrive in it already.

Why does my automatic transmission in a Chevy K1500 4x4 truck slip in Drive or Overdrive?

If it is slipping in those gears then it is time for a rebuild. no EASY FIX

What automatic transmission does a 1994 F250 gas truck have?

one of three. c6 3speed auto. aod 4speed with overdrive. or a 5 speed manual

What automatic transmission in 1992 dodge diesel truck?

A518 is the transmission if it is an automatic, and if it is a manual then it is a Getrag 360.

Can the manual transmission on a 1979 Ford truck be changed to an automatic transmission?


2000 Chevy 4x4 truck what transmission do you have?


What does check for overdrive mean on a semi truck?

It means that the truck in question has an overdrive transmission, as opposed to a direct drive transmission. All other things being equal, a truck with a direct drive and 2.64 rear ends is pretty much equivalent to running a .74 OD transmission and 3.58 rear ends.

What is the fluid capacity of a 2004 ranger automatic?

The transmission fluid capacity for your truck, automatic transmission would be 3 quarts.

Did Chevy make a 1956 truck with an automatic transmission?


What type of transmission you have in Chevy truck diesel 1984 automatic 6.2L VIN?

700R-4 if it's an overdrive transmission. You can tell if it's a 4 speed overdrive by the "D" on the shift indicator. Overdrives have a circle around the "D". Non-overdrives (3 speed automatic) don't have the circle around the "D". If it's just a 3 speed automatic, it's a Turbo Hydramatic 400, commonly called a Turbo 400 or simply 400.

How do you remove a transmission from a 1951 Chevy?

Need to know if it is a truck or car and if it is a standard or automatic transmission.

Was the 1977 Datsun pickup truck standard or automatic transmission?

it was standard but you could order it with an automatic from the factory

What is the governor on a 1994 Chevy truck?

The govonor is a part of an automatic transmission.?

Where does transmission fluid go in 1966 cheve truck?

automatic or manual ?

What kind of transmission does a 1988 Chevy truck take?

700r4 if its an automatic

Who makes dodges 2011 diesel pickup automatic transmission?

The automatic in the 2500 and 3500 with a factory bed is made by Chrysler.The automatic in the cab/chassis truck is made by the AISIN transmission company.The automatic in the 2500 and 3500 with a factory bed is made by Chrysler.The automatic in the cab/chassis truck is made by the AISIN transmission company.

Where do I add transmission fluid on a GMC Sonoma Truck 1995?

Down the automatic transmission dipstick tube.

What automatic transmission fluid should be in a 96 ford dump truck with an Allison transmission?

Allison Transynd

What does OD mean on a ford ranger 2001 truck?

overdrive ( the overdrive gear of the transmission that allows the engine to run at a slower RPM when you are on the highway )

Will a 85 gmc truck transmission fit in a 89 gmc truck and what do you have to do to make it fit?

If it's a manual transmission, you'll be talking about putting an SM465 to replace an NV3500 or NV4500... I'd be doing the opposite swap, personally, as the SM465 is a direct drive transmission with no overdrive gear. It can be done.. you'd just have to use the NV bell housing, and you might have to replace driveshafts with ones fitted for the new setup.More the same with the automatic transmission... there's no reason to replace an overdrive 700R4 with a direct drive TH350.

Anyone with problems with 1997 Ford truck overdrive?

I have a 1997 ford e 350 van with automatic transmission when the transmission shifts form 3rd gear to overdrive at about 50-55 mph it falters and bucks and I have to let off on the gas so it can pick-up speed, when I have overdrive off and put on overdrive when 3rd gear shifts to overdrive at 50-55 mph it shifts smoother but if I give too much gas again it bucks and falters till I let off gas so it can retain speed slowly.

What is the type of automatic transmission fluid for a 1987 Isuzu truck?

dextron III

What is the automatic transmission fluid capacity in a M2 112 freightliner truck?

Need to know the transmission model in order to answer this.

What type of transmission is in a 85 chevy c10 shortbed truck?

If it is an automatic transmission then it will be the 350 turbo that was put in it from the factory.

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