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What would life be without law?


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Chaotic, ruthless and dangerous.

Society would break down.

People all say at one time or another that they would favor having no laws but don't believe it. Think, and I mean really think about all the laws we have. Now, think about all those times the Cops get called...fights, loud noise, dogs barking (I love this one...what can they do about the tape it???), kids, parties, bars, shop lifting, stealing, medical can go on & on until you are blue in the face. No laws.

No common sense, no curbing ridiculous actions....for example, what stops a grocery store from selling a case of H20 during a Hurricane/Blizzard or other serious disaster at an exorbitant price? You think its because they couldn't get the $$ for it? How about when the sewers get flooded in your Town/City...who is going to come out and take care of that without laws in place? Say, Let's all go throw our batteries & leftover paint into the Town/City water supply sources...NO? Yeah, I didn't think so. Most people do not realize how much LAW is needed to make it just on an every day basis, so that each & every one of us can have some resemblance of a normal life. Think about what you do every day from start to finish and you will see how much LAW affects your life.

Another Perspective:

Without written laws there is natural law. In the absence of man-made laws, individual men make the law; anarchy ensues. Eventually, people eliminate those things that annoy them the most, and only one remains. In the event of anarchy, I will be the last to remain.