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What would make a 1996 Dodge Stratus die while driving?


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Make sure you have your clutch changed every six to eight years. I bought a 1996 Dodge Stratus from its first owners. This is my first car and I wasn't educated enough to ask about parts and their condition. They never mentioned that they hadn't changed the clutch. Two days after purchasing it, the clutch shattered into a million pieces and I was stranded with a dead car. So make sure you keep a time check on how long you've had your clutch. Also, check the oil often because the 1996 Dodge Stratus's head gasket is screwed up, so it will leak oil often unless a silicon layer is put under the gasket to prevent it. So oil and clutch problems are most likely to kill a 1996 Dodge Stratus. Check your coil pack. If you can get the car running again, you will see sparks through the cracks in the coil pack. if you try and put the car into drive/reverse you might get lucky and make it all of about four feet. ==Answer == Another possible reason is a broken timing belt. Cars with over a 100,000 miles need to have it changed. I'm not sure if yours has interference heads or not but engine damage can occur, If not the engine will just crank over and not even try to start. You can check quick by popping the top belt cover apart on the passenger side and cranking the engine over. If the belt isn't moving, the cogs are spun off of the crank pulley.


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