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This can happen due to few reasons. Check the spark plugs, any Air leaks on hoses, check the SICV -- Slow Idle Control Valve(if not move well,clean with the petrol),check the proper voltage and specially check the FPR--Fuel Pressure Regulator. If you check those areas,you can eliminate the problem.

== == == == == == == == just had this with a 99 3 series.. i changed the fuel filter and the sluggish jerking went away.. An air leak will also do this. Meaning that the car is sucking in air through so opening in the air tubes or intake system, check for loose fittings or puntured vacum hoses. If air is leaking in, the car will be stariving for gas so it jerks, sometimes it even revs up on it's own, and set check engine lights off. Hope I could help

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Q: What would make a BMW 3 series jerk at low speed or while running at idle speed but not with the car rolling?
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