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please be more descriptive.... if it is constant moaning it could be a wheel bearing.. if not it could be lots of things.

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What is causing the front end creaking noise on a Cadillac CTS?

ball joint

What would cause a popping noise in the front end on a 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

If it pops when turning it is most likely the CV joints.

What causes a creaking noise in the car when you turn?

if there is a creaking noise in your car, i think that's bad...

What would cause a creaking noise in the front end of a 2003 Ford Escape?

A creaking noise in the front end of the 2003 Ford Escape might be caused by shocks or struts that need to be replaced. This might also be caused by damage to the shocks or struts from high mileage.

What causes a creaking noise on the front nearside of a 2004 focus?

Failing strut, cv joint or steering bushing.

What sound do old stairs make?

a creaking noise.

What could it mean that your 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 makes a creaking noise in the front tire area when driving but not when it is raining and wet?


What causes the creaking noise in your steering?

Could be the pump or maybe need fluid

Why does a car air conditioner make a loud noise when first turned on?

If it's a creaking noise then it is most likely that your compressor is broken.

What is Creaking noise from rear wheels when stopping?

That means your brakes are going out and you need to get new ones.

Why is my 2000 eclipse gt making a clicking noise in front only when I'm not stepping on the gas?

CV Joints cause this.

What is causing the 99 venture strut noise?

A worn-out strut will begin to make noises. In many cases the strut will make a creaking noise when turning corners.

Drivers side door handle on 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse?

how to uninstall the inside take out the screw behind the handle then push toward the front of the car.. it will make a snap noise should be ok but it may have broken one latch..there are two latches. to install do the opposite.

What is causing front end creaking noise on a '98 s10 pu 4x4 zr2 package?

well on my 01 zr2 blazer. its because it has a broken wheel stud on the left front. i don't know if that's your problem but that definatly makes the creak.

What would cause a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT to make a funny sound only when turning to the right?

Could be a bad CV joint. It would make a popping noise.

Is there any strange noise when there is an eclipse?


99 grand marquis creaking noise turning steering wheel?

Its your bushings, they need to be replaced. About $200 at a shop.

What could be making the creaking noise in rear differential of 2001 jeep wrangler?

After the Jeep is warmed up, if the creaking noise is noticable during turns at low speeds, then its probably the rear differential. Go to the dealer and have it serviced. All they do is replace the fluid and seal but they use a special lubricant additive.

What can you hear during a solar eclipse?

There is no noise that is caused because of a solar eclipse.

Just lowered your 2003 Chevy s10 with one inch coil springs and 2inch spindles and front end is making a creaking noise when driving and hitting bumps in the highway?

You most likely exceeding the limits of the ball joints.

Mitsubishi outlander front suspension noise?

there is a fault with the suspension Mitsubishi either don't know what it is or don't want to let the public know what it is but i can say that it will eventually wear out your tyres keep at Mitsubishi to rectify the problem and if they dont report the defect to the aust tpt safety bureau.

Grinding noise when turning the steering wheel in a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse?

many reasons, steering pump, cv joints may be going out, or you could be grinding some plastic that goes around the wheel

Funny noise coming from brakes on 2001 Mitsubishi Montero?

When it is time to change the brakes on your 2001 Mitsubishi Montero, they will make noises. There could be a grinding or squealing noise that you will hear.

Is the creaking sound produced by walking on snow is most common on old snow?

It is a crunching noise not a creaking sound. This noise occurs when walking/stepping on lying snow/ice because your weight is causing the snow/ice to compact itself therefore making a sound. Also I do not know what you mean by 'old snow'. Hope this helped, :) :L

What would cause a knocking noise from the top of the engine on a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse and how do you fix it?

An engine knock ia almost always very serious. Stop drivng this car and take it to a professional. Not a repair for a novice.