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If it's a creaking noise then it is most likely that your compressor is broken.

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Q: Why does a car air conditioner make a loud noise when first turned on?
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Why does your central air conditioner make a loud noise when it comes on sometimes?

Your central air conditioner may make a loud noise when it comes on. This is because it may have a leak somewhere in the system.

1990 ford aerostar makes loud noise when started?

Loud noise is not a good description. If its a loud squeal turn the air conditioner or defroster off. If the squeals goes away the compressor or the clutch for the air conditioner compressor is locked up.

What causes a loud noise when the air conditioner is turned on?

1. A bad or worn out drive belt. 2. A bad or damaged a/c clutch. 3. A bad or locked up a/c compressor.

What is causing a loud tapping noise when car is first turned on but goes away after a few minutes in a 2000 gmc jimmy?

hydraulic lifters.

Why my 2001 suburban Blower motor when turned on makes loud noise?

The bearings are out of it. Replace Blower motor.

What is the problem if you have loud pinging or tapping noise when car is turned on?

Lack of oil lubrication to the valve lifters.

Is roar a loud noise made by animals?

yes, it is a loud noise.

What is causing a loud screeching noise when i turn on my Subaru Forester air conditioner?

Your A/C belt is loose and needs to be tightend or replaced.

Why is my window air conditioner making a loud noise?

Because while your air conditioner is activated the air from outside is coming in being purified and is then released so its like a vacuum of some sort!

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What is A very loud noise that begins with the letter r?

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Why does blower motor make a loud noise on a 1995 Chevrolet when turned on high?

Maybe a bad bearing in fan motor

Air Conditioner Honda Civic 1994 Making Loud Noise?

repace the fan belt that drives the a/c unit. If it doesn't fix it, it's the a/c pump. Very costly. Live with the noise.

Why is there a loud vibrating noise when heater turned on?

When there are loose parts in the fan that runs the heater system, there will be many instances of noise and vibration. A technician should dismantle the system and fix it.

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2001 Ford Expedition turned ignition on and was made a loud noise it would not shut off or on know matter how the ignition was turned after about 10 minutes there was a noise and it turned off Now the?

It sounds like your ignition timing timing is too far advanced. It will need resetting.

Loud noise from air conditioner damage to hearing?

Probably not. Depends on the decibel level and how long you're listening to it. If it's loud enough to damage your hearing, you desperately need to get an HVAC person over to fix it.

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What would make the heater in a Jeep Cherokee make a very loud noise and smell like smoke when turned on?

there is a whole in the heater core