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There are many variables when calculating car insurance. Some of the variables being how much coverage you need, the age of the vehicle, and your driving record. Only an insurance company would be able to give you an accurate price for insurance.

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Because you have no experience driving and are at greater risk of having an accident.

That depends on your Age, Vehicle type, Region or zip code, Your driving record and your personal credit rating.

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I am hard pressed to think of a worse car for a sixteen-year-old. Things people don't realize about Corvettes is that there is no trunk and no back seat. And the insurance rates for a sixteen-year-old driving a Corvette would bankrupt anybody.

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sixteen. as you receive you national insurance number.

No, they are not old enough to sign a contract such as an insurance policy. They will require an adult to obtain the policy for them.

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Depends on whether he's had driver's ed, where he lives, what limits & deductibles, the engine size, etc. Call local agents for quotes based on your specific information.

Depends on the car and the provider. I'll ballpark it though...A LOT.

Depends on your state and if you have taken a drivers ed class.

Probally Very high especialy Full coverage go to or talk to your insurance company. May be discounts invvolved to lower premiums.Depending on how you pay monthy or 3months ect

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Insurance is a private contract. The costs are going to depend upon the carrier.

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