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it would look like gray tissue.... not to be gross but when u have blood clots that is what its like but it will look like gray tissue

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What would a miscarriage look like at 16 weeks?

large lumps of tissue/blood

How is much blood loss would be there at 5 weeks if i had a miscarriage?

Typically, a five week miscarriage would cause bleeding like a period.

With a miscarriage at six weeks would the tissue that passes look something like a big glob of rubbery snot?

Yes that is probably what it looks like. Don't be sorry it must be very frightening.

Would you pass clots or tissue if you miscarry at only 5 weeks' pregnant?

Recently I experienced my third miscarriage at 4 weeks. I had two days of heavy bleeding and one day when a very large clot plopped into the toilet, which was the amniotic sac.Yes you do pass clots and tissue.Good luck and blessings!

If i am 6 weeks pregnant can i still be pregnant or did i have a miscarriage?

you usually wont have a miscarriage after your first trimester (third month) after that you would just have a still born baby.

If you take a home pregnancy test after a miscarriage would the result be negative or positive?

I guess it depends how long after a miscarriage you test. But I have read that you will remain with a positive up to nine weeks after a miscarriage... but many times not that long.

What would a miscarriage at 3 weeks look like?

You would just see blood since the embryo is so small.

What's the difference between losing a baby and a miscarriage?

there isn't one I think most people would say they had a miscarriage before about 16 weeks and that they had lost the baby after that.

What would a miscarriage look and or feel like if you were 6 weeks pregnant?

A heavy painful period with clots.

Will your uterus return to its normal size after a miscarriage of six weeks?

Yes, it should do. At 6 weeks, it won't have got much bigger. I would expect it would take about 6 weeks for it to get back to its normal size again.

You are 8 weeks along and have had 2 prior pre-term births and a miscarriage at 8 weeks and been bleeding since about week 4 what could be causing this the numbers are good and the ultrasound is too?

since you have had a prior miscarriage I would have it checked out

Are you having a miscarriage if you experience a period with no blood?

Some women while pregnant have cramps around the time their period would come at 8 and 12 weeks. This does not mean you are having a miscarriage.

May have had a miscarriage you passed tissue but you did not save it and didnt think anything of it until you just started your period again i had no other signs or symptoms of a miscarriage?

Were you diagnosed as pregnant? If you were in fact pregnant and now started you period again you "did" have a miscarriage. In the early stages of pregnancy a miscarriage is not always going to have any major symptioms. Discharging tissue could be something else if you weren't pregnant. I would see a doctor if you continue to have such discharge in the future.

If you had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago at 6 weeks and have yet to have a period are having pregnancy symptoms and took a test that was positive could you be pregnant again?

I would say you are pregnant again. It is easier ro get pregnant right after a miscarriage. I would go see a doctor to confirm the pregnancy as soon as possible

How long after a miscarriage can you get pregnant?

I would wait to 4-7 weeks before trying again... So your uterus heals..

If you had a miscarriage how far along would you have been if the sac you passed was as long as a Lima bean but skinnier?

I would say only 3-4 weeks.

What does the tissue look like when you miscarriage at 8 weeks?

You will see some tissue and when you feel something bigger than a blood clot that's the baby, it is small and it will be in like a sack and sack will be red of course, but if you can somehow rinse it off u can see a clear coat over you baby. You will have a lot of blood clots after and tissue and discharge after baby's out. I would also like to say sorry about your loss.

Can drinking hot water cause a miscarriage?

There doesn't seem to be any evidence that drinking hot water would cause a miscarriage. Drinking coffee or tea could be avoided because of the caffeine.

Am I having a miscarriage if I found Brown tinge blood when I wiped being 9 weeks pregnant?

it does not always mean miscarriage as some women have a bleed during pregnancy but it could also indicate a missed miscarriage which is where the baby has died for what ever reason and you haven't lost it i would suggest that you go to your g.p's and ask for an urgent scan to check if the baby has a heart beat. i had a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks pregnant my body still thought i was pregnant but the baby had died at 9 weeks and 2 days. hope this helps

Spotting after 4weeks pregnant did i have misscarage?

Spotting during pregnancy can occur about the time you would usually have a period. However, with a miscarriage there is more active bleeding and tissue is passed with abdominal cramping. Just spotting does not indicate a miscarriage.

If you had a miscarriage at 8 weeks would you be in pain?

Emotional pain, cramping, bleeding if D&C is required due to spontaneous abortion.

Why would the doctor want to see you three weeks after a miscarriage?

To check your health and ensure there have been no adverse side effects of course.

Can be pregnancy stop after 3 weeks?

If you are only three weeks pregnant, and have a miscarriage, most women will probably think it is just their menstrual cycle, as most women would not bother to look for the poppy-seed-sized embryo. Yes, a miscarriage can happen anytime before 20 weeks of pregnancy, and maybe shortly after, but miscarriages only happen to about 25% of women.

How can you mistake a miscarriage for a period?

if it were early in the pregnancy, it would seem like a really heavy period. bad cramps, blood and clots. a miscarriage later in pregnancy would have a lot of blood and tissue that is not normal for a period, and the cramps would probably be a lot worse. I've wondered if I've ever had a miscarriage and didn't know, if it happened close to the time of a regular period I wouldn't know.

Why would you still have sickness after a miscarriage?

You can still have pregnancy symptoms after a miscarriage as the hcg pregnancy hormone is most likely still in your system. After a miscarrige it can take 4-6 weeks for the hcg levels to get back to their normal range.