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You could probably only get a couple hundred for it. Furs don't increase in value like other things. Sometimes they don't even hold their value depending on how they are cared for.

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What is your US paper dollar worth if 10 years or older?

$1. It would need to be VERY old (decades) and in excellent condition to be worth anything more than face value.

How much will a diamond jubilee coin be worth in 50 years?

Who knows. If I thought for a moment they would be worth heaps in 50 years, I would be out buying as many as I could. Chances are that is you can keep the coin in mint condition and the original packaging for the next 50 years, it will probably be worth a bit more than face value. The Five Pound coin is issued as a commemorative or souvenir coin, not as an investment.

Would the value of a US 20.00 bill produced in 1950 be worth more than face value?

It can still be spent at face value, but it's worth more to collectors.

What would a 1979 Canadian quarter be worth now?

It's a common circulation coin worth face value only.

How much would a dime from 2003 with a design printed over Roosevelts face be worth?

It's an altered or damaged coin. Unfortunately that means it's worth face value only.

A sentence for sheepish?

The man had a sheepish look on his face after he stole the Hershey's candy bar.

How much is a liberty 1974 oen dollar coin worth?

1974 would make it an Eisenhower dollar, which is only worth face value.

What you mean by face value?

For a coin it is just worth the value stamped on it i.e. the value on it's face So a common coin is worth face value, but a rare coin is worth more than face value.

How much would a penny from the 1960s be worth in 2011?

They are still in circulation and only face value.

What is the value of 1985 one hundred bill?

It could be worth as much as a hundred dollars. However, if the corners are bent it would only be worth ninety. Also, if there is a crease through Franklin's face it would only be worth eighty. To be serious, there is nothing special about a 1985 100$ bill. Take it to your bank for a new copy or put it under your mattress. It might be worth something in fifty years.

Can you do Facebook?

I am 90 years old and I believe that it is not physically possible to put your face in a book. To do so, you would have to decapitate your head, rip off your face, and put it inside a book. But you wouldn't want to do that since you may die and your life isn't worth sacrificing to put your face in a book. My name is Sheila Lennings and that is my answer.

What 100 bill that is 1996 what is that worth I also have a 2009 with the star right by the lettering what would that be worth?

Face value only. They're not old or rare enough to be worth more.

A sentence for blatant?

The girl was very blatant as she stole the cookie that was right in front of her sister's face.

How much is your 1867-1967 Canada penny worth?

They're pretty common, I would say it's worth just the face value.

Can you spend a 50 dollar coin in store for face value?

Yes, but it would be very stupid. These are worth WAY more in gold than they are in face value.

How much is 1972 penny worth?

It is worth face value.

How much is a 1999 penny worth?

It is worth face value.

How much is a 1988 penny worth?

It is worth face value.

What is a 2003 buffalo coin worth?

If you are talking about the 2003 buffalo nickel, it is worth less than face value, you would be better off just to spend it.

How much is a 1990 us quarter worth?

If you got it in pocket change it is worth face value. If it is uncirculated it is worth a bit more than face value.

You can count on me?

No, I can't. You stole my underwear. -_- Not only did you steal my underwear, you took advantage of my grandmother and stole her wheat thins. She was going to eat those... You're a butt face, I hope you fart rainbows.

How much would 1989 loonie Which is a Canadian 1 dollar coin That has lost most of its bronze colour and now is a silver loonie be worth?

I would say it would only be worth face value; one Canadian dollar.

How much is 3 thousand nickels worth?

The face value of 3,000 nickels would be 3000/20 = $150.

What are Kennedy half dollar 1976-1996 worth?

A Kennedy half dollar from the years 1976 to 1996 are worth slightly more than their face value. An uncirculated version of these coins might be worth slightly more.

What dollar coins are worth something more than their face value?

if you wait a couple of years they will be worth more.Plus you can sell them at the Pawn shop it you don't want to wait for the value to go up. maybe in 2020 they will be worth something.