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What would win an automatic 1986 iroc Camaro 305 stock or a plymoth lazer 1991 stock turbo?


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Probally the Camaro.

But who knows..... put them on the track and find out!

I won with the camaro

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18.8, and a stock 2001 camaro v8? well, alot better

400 w/automatic, 426 w/manual transmission

Answer 700r4that should be a 700r4. its a 4 speed automatic. unless its a v6. then its a 200r4 or something like that.

How much horse power does a stock 2002 camaro Z28? How much horse power does a stock 2002 camaro Z28? Your stock z28 1994 camaro with an automatic trans mines being a heavy convertible with a crappy 2.73 rear gear runs a 14.42 at 97mph.

on a 2000 stock camaro its 200 hp

Nothing - there was no Camaro SS in 1987.

It should come with 273 or 308 gears in a ten bolt 8.5 ring and pinion.

It depends on if they are both stock. a 3.4 camaro has 160 hp a 3.8 has 200 what do you think?

Will a stock 305 motor from a 1986 iroc fit into a 1995 camaro rs?

Stock for stock, too close to call

If it's a stock 94 3.4 camaro then it will be 160 hp,if it's a stock 94 5.7 (lt1) z28 then it will be 275 hp.

you dont have a ls1 you have a lt1. the ls1 was in 98-02 camaro

The 1989 Camaro didn't have a 350 TPI (not stock, anyway)

There are specific companies that would stock automatic external defibrillators. Companies that stock these defibrillators would include AED Professionals.

The Camaro might have a slight edge due to its lighter weight and better aerodynamics

Believe Saleen as it has been modified while Camaro SS is a stock Vehicle

i have a camaro and im a camaro fan all the way but the mustangs are more common to see on the road, but their stock engines wont have a chance against any stock camaro engines not even a 3.8 mustang stock would stand a chance against a 3.4 camaro stock i would know cuz that's what i got and i proved it. and plus the camaro gets more looks when your drivin them than the stang does cuz of there aerodynamic bodies which makes them look alot cooler and sportier than mustangs, and you don't see camaros as much as stangs on the road but stangs are more common.

There was no Camaro LT1 "SS" in 1995, but the stock LT1 (assuming you were referring to horsepower) had 275 hp.

stock around 15.3 with the fuel injected engine

The stock V6 3.4 Liter has 160 and the 3.8 has 200.

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