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Then move on. If the girl has no interest in you then you shouldn't worry about it.

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i would say flirt and see how she reacts to it if she doesnt seem to like it then she probley doesnt like you but if she likes it then she probley likes you

Find another girl that you like that DOES like you.

if i where you i would tell the girl that likes that boy that he has a girlfriend.that is what i would do.

You can. If he likes you he likes you. If he doesnt then he doesnt. Sorry that's all i got

It depends if the other girl likes him too if he likes you and the other girl and the other girl likes him back then you should let him decide who he likes best and maybe it will be you, and if not he most likely will ask you out next. if the other girl doesnt like him back just make sure he knows u like him, and that he doesnt think the other girl likes him. Hope this helps!!!

my best advice would be to find out her feelings for you and tell her how you feel about her, and if she doesnt have the same feelings back at least you can know that you tried ~ and take her out somewhere nice

She either just doesn't want to tell you who she likes, (I'm a girl and I would never tell a guy who I like!) or she likes you! Hope I helped ;) x

not technically, if he is really interested in you and you bring your relationship further it mite turn into love. if he likes another girl.......well i would move on

it doesnt matter what colour you are. If a girl likes you she likes u of who u are.

it depends of what girl ,but if he likes a girl he likes her doesnt matter how she is

your boyfriend is just being completely honest with you and he obviously doesnt like you as much as this 'other' girl. i would appreciate him sharing this with me instead of cheating on me and going behind my back.

A girl that is outgoing, funny and nice He likes brunettes and he doesnt want a girl that is taller than him

As long as the other girl that likes you didn't tell you that she does, the I don't see what the problem would be.

tell her that he called her something or that he doesnt like u and when she gets upset comfort her

If your crush likes another girl, he will tease that girl, and stare at her all the time.

question doesnt make sense - yes it does??? and.. just the way she acts

maybe its because its really likes you and he doesnt want to wait

If a girl only likes you as a friend then all you have to do is ask her if she likes you, if she doesnt and acts horrible then she isn't worth it anyway.

maybe hes hidin somethin from you maymbe he likes another girl and doesnt want to to talk to u anymore maybe

Just because a man likes another dude doesnt mean his sperm couldn't get a girl pregnant. yes

well first you need to find things in common then let the girl get to know you if she likes you then she does if she doesnt then she just doesnt!

Because mainly the guy that is joking that another guy likes a girl is feeling insecure about the love in his life and if he doesnt have one, the fact that he doesnt have one means that if someone else is suffering in love then he wont feel so bad about his problems.

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