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I would ask my self, "What kind of person wants to be with a criminal?" Eventually, we all have to take a personal inventory of who we are and what we want to be when we become emotionally mature. You need to take responsibility for your actions of the past and find someone who isn't into crime. Your friend needs to realize that crime can result in a loss of everything that's important. Many women who stay with their "con" do so because either they don't think anyone else will have them or they think that they can change their con into someone better. Either attitude is childish and demonstrates an inability to get in touch with the real world. The person you love needn't be a lover, if it was a member of your family facing 15 years in prison you couldn't stop loving them

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What problems did Nelson Mandela face?

he over came being in prison for over 20 years

What happen if you lie to a judge?

you will face the consequences. This can range from a fine to 2-4 years in prison

Why did pauline hanson go to prison?

Pauline Hanson, was convicted of electoral fraud in the state of Queensland. She was sentenced to 3 years in prison. She deserved 20 years because she hindered the face of democracy.

What are the risks that the poachers face?

Multiple years in prison and not being allowed to own any animals in there household.

What is the laws on robbery in Indiana?

This can be determined by the type of robbery. Armed robbery can get you up to 20 years in prison. If the robbery resulted in any type of bodily harm, you could face up to 50 years in prison.

Is Leather Face in prison?


Can you go to jail for inhalants?

Yes you can because sniffing inhalants are illegal you can face up to 4 years in prison.

What would you do if you loved someone but was unconfortable to tell them?

What I would do is face your fears and tell him but if you are shy just keep it a secret and see where it goes....

What is the sentence for breaking and entering?

If its the first offense.. the person may face no less than two years in prison and no more than ten years. If its the second offense, they may face no less than 4 years and no more than fifteen.

What problems did Gandhi face?


What is the minimum sentence for a class X felony?

A class X felony is one of the most serious crimes. A person would face up to 30 years in prison if the crime is committed in Illinois.

How long would you be in jail if you robbed someone?

Robbery is a violent felony for which you can face 15 years to life in prison, depending on whether a weapon was used or displayed, if anyone was hurt or killed, and how much was taken.

How many years can you face in jail for robbery with a knife?

Varies from state to state, but it is a felony offense which means a year or more in prison.

Has leather face been caught?

yes he was and is now in prison i no this because my uncle was in the same proisin as him but my uncles out now but he was their for six years if you would like to hear some story about him i would love to tell you because my uncle told me a few

What does it mean when you dream of a dead loved one with no face?

The dream suggests that you are not yet able to "face" the reality of this person's death. By blocking out their face, your mind can pretend that this dead person is not your loved one.

What are punishments for domestic violence in Ohio?

The punishments of domestic violence in Ohio will depend on several factors. However, a person could face up 3 years in prison or as little as 6 months in prison.

What would happen to a juvenile who commits murder?

He/she would face the same punishment as a normal person, prison for like 120 years.Added; For a crime that serious, the court would probably move the case from juvenile court to adult court for trial as an adult offender.

Who do you make a kissing face on facebook?

To your loved ones.

What is a pet name for loved one?

Your face, dummy

How many years in prison does Dr Conrad Murray face over the death of Michael Jackson?

If he's found guilty the maximum is four years, however he could spend two years behind bars.

Does leatherface die in the Texas chainsaw massacre?

I honestly don't think that he does die in the movie and the movie was based off a man named Ed Gein. if you want to know more on the real leather facew just ask and I'll try to put it on here well he is really alive today hes in i no this belive me or not but my uncle was in prison with him for 6 years... my uncle was their for 6 years but leather face is their for uncle told me alot of amazing storys about being in the same prison as leather face if you would like to hear some just ask and i would be happy to tell you i think their really intersting but scary

Why were pip's heart and face burning?

he still loved estella

Did the Texas chainsaw massicre die?

no he did not die my uncle was in the same prison as him for 6 years...but my uncle told me that he never shared a room with him or anyone he was all by himself downstairs in a dungeon and the only time he seen him would be when they had to go to the nurse to do something im not sure but my uncle said hes a real ugly looken dude and everyone their called him leather face you have any other questions i will answer them trust me he told me lost of stories about leather face and their true he was with him for 6 years in prison

PA juvenile vandalism laws?

you can face prison time.

Hester prynne leave prison to?

To face her consequences at the scaffold

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