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I'd think it was sweet, if not a little annoying because he wouldn't have asked me out...


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No, I don't think so, I think he likes girls that giggles, but I think Louis does...

That he either likes them all and he's trying to figure out who he like likes or he just likes them as friends or he's not looking 4 a relationship just 1 date and done

Yeah, I think girls who sing are cute ;)

I don't know, i think she likes boys and girls. But that's just what I think.

He likes girls with gorjus eyes and he likes girls that are laid back and don't take herselve too seriously and he think short girls are cute

because they think that the guy likes good girls

i think he likes girls that wears jeans and bright colours

I would think he likes girls w/ a great personality and I heard he likes black hair and brown eyes together

I think it is Sally. Go figure.

Umm....., I think you're old enough to figure that out.....

it depends if the girl likes ugly guys or not well it depends what girls think about them

i think he likes all kinds

no,i think she likes boys more

he likes their smile and he wants them to be cozy around him.

His age and I think he likes some one already

yea i think so i think he is dating a girl with glasses

I think he likes both because he is kiind,cute ,helpful,and handsome.

he does not like chris brown . Justin likes girls only okkkkkkkkk

I think you should be yourself , but nicer a boy likes a nices girls ,but if the boy likes you.You should find out why he likes about you, so you do not change it. Boys have to like you for a good reason, if not he just likes you for your money ,or for the gifts you give him.

As a girlfriend, Justin only wants to date girls of his race. He will be friends with any race. He likes all girls but he is dating a black girl so I should think he likes black girls.

I think he likes tall girls but it doesn't matter if you are short,cute but you must have a cute smile

Don't think he would like really fake tanned girls. He likes natural

u go up to our friend and figure out who likes him more or ask him which one do he likes more its not much but that's all i can think of

i think that he likes all kinds of girls of course i herd that he likes BEYONCE AND TAYLOR SWIFT

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