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It depends what would be the main purpose of this computer. If you need just to listen to some mp3 files, then any computer will do. There are two approaches: 1. Buy the parts and build the computer 2. Buy a computer already built 1. That was a very good way of saving some money in the past. However, these days buying an already assembled computer is not so expensive. If you build the computer, choose a motherboard that has sound card included and provides surround 5.1. This will provide a very good sound quality. If you want a separate sound card, just proceed with the latest model provided by Creative ( Make sure it supports surround 5.1 and you are all set. Even if you purchase a motherboard with the sound card included, you can disable it from bios and attach whatever separate sound card you might find suitable. 2. Just go for any online retailer and purchase a computer. See what are the specs for the included sound card (look for the surround capabilities). Some time ago the cheap sound cards did not provide the best output quality. These days, the differences between various sound card quality are not that big, except the ones designed for studios or radio stations.

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Q: What would you look for if you were buying a computer with a sound card?
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When buying new computer speakers, should I upgrade my sound card?

A sound card upgrade is not neccessaey when changing your speakers.

Do you use a sound card to connect a monitor to a computer?

No, all that is required is a video card, so that there would be an image on a moitor, the sound card is only required if you want there to be sound, hence the name sound card. but in priority, your computer needs a cable ( Hdmi, Dvi) and a video card to display an image on a monitor

Which of the following will you require to hear music on your computer?

sound card

What function of sound card?

Sound card process the audio of your computer. It interprets the waveforms from the digital or analog to a sonic signal that produce a sound from your computer. There are different types of sound cards; PCI card that is installed and connected to the inside slot of the computer, and PCMI which are external commonly used for laptop. I used a USB external sound card for my computer after my PCI sound card was busted.

How do you turn a sound card on or off?

It turns on and off with the computer...If the computer is off, the sound card will be off, and vece versa

What is the function of sound card?

The purpose of a sound card on a computer is for sound to be output through speakers or headphones. The sound card works by converting digital data to sound.

Will I need a new sound card for my computer if I am getting a new headset?

If your computer has a sound card there is no need to purchase a new one.

Do I need to upgrade my sound card for computer gaming?

A sound card upgrade should not be needed for most computer gaming applications.

Which card you use to hear music on computer?

sound card

Can you send sound from a computer sound card into a amplifier?


Why would a PC have no sound?

There will be no sound if the computer has been muted, or the volume is too low, or the sound card is faulty. Try using headphones to check if the sound is there.

Is a sound card is attached in the inside a computer's speaker?

No, the sound card is attached to the motherboard of the computer.

Why does your computer sound play then stop?

You may need a new sound card if this keeps happening. If you have a warranty on your computer, you can contact the manufacturer to determine if they can replace the sound card.

My PC with xp windows has no sound. I checked the speakers and they are ok. What would be the possible causes and how can i check them.?

Check to see if your sound card is working properly and compatible with your computer. Go to My Computer, click Properties and then Device Manager and there will be a yellow sign to show if sound card isn't working. Check to see if your sound card is working properly and compatible with your computer. Go to My Computer, click Properties and then Device Manager and there will be a yellow sign to show if sound card isn't working.

What card is used to connect a musical instrument to a computer?

Sound Card

What device in a computer can reproduce almost any sound?

sound card

What should you do when your sound device stops working?

get a sound card for the computer

How can you restore the sound on your computer?

Updating the sound card driver on your computer could possibly restore the sound if your sound card hardware is not damaged. The update process will reinstall the driver again to its original state.

How can I tell if my computer has a sound card that is separate and not intergrated?

If your sound card is built into the motherboard, it is an intergrated sound card. Anything else is seperate, and easily replaced.

What are the functions of specialist cards in a computer?

It is a graphics card or a sound card it improves the functionality of a part of your computer

Is sound card a hardware or software?

A sound card is an internal computer expansion card, that fits into a slot on the motherboard, so is hardware.

What is the role of sound card in a computer?

the role of sound card in computer is to pass good sound through external media you use. there's a pacific difference with or without using a sound card its also needed for modern games because the system doesnt support the sound

What is a sound driver?

Listening to audio from a computer system requires a sound card. With the right type of sound card, you can turn a standard computer into a multimedia entertainment system. In order to make the sound card actually work, you'll also need a sound card driver. Various sound card manufacturers provide you with drivers that are made to make their devices perform.

What is the most important device when buying computer?

If your buying it bundled like a keyboard/mouse desktop/moniter all in a box then for me it would be a wifi card. But if it's built by me then I would not know where to go with that.

Purchased souyou install a newly purchased sound card into your computer but upon rebooting you find that the new device is not recognized by the system moreover your modem which has always worked?

the sound card has a defect. or maybe you rebooted your computer improperly... , maybe the sound card is not compatible to your computer...