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A dropper or pipette

See the Related Questions for more information about these two items.

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What would you use to add 10 drops of liquid?

you would use a dropper

Examples of diffusion of gas in liquid?

Some examples of diffusion of gas in liquid include when you add drops of food coloring to water or when you add bleach to water to clean something.

How is a pipette pump used?

a pipette pump is used to add a small amount of liquid to an experiment that is taking place

Is the oil discrete or continuous variable?

It depends. You might imagine situations in which you would need to add oil to a mechanism in drops. In such a situation you would not add 3.24 drops, you would add, say, 4 or 5 drops. In these situations the amount of oil would be discrete. On the other hand, the measure of the oil in a tank could be given to some considerable degree of precision. It would not be counted. In this case the amount of oil would be (effectively) continuous.

What is a dropper bottle?

A dropper bottle is a glass vial that has a cap with an eye dropper. They allow you to add drops of a liquid to something or fill capsules with mixtures.

If you have fifteen gallons of liquid and you have to add one quart of water per one hundred gallons how much water would you add to your fifteen gallons of liquid?

if you meant to ask "how many gallons of water do you add to 15 gallons of liquid if you add 100 gallons per quart of liquid" you need to add 6,000 gallons of water

Why should you add 8 drops of urine in the Benedict test?

why should you add 8 drops of urine in the Benedicts test

Do you have to remove energy form liquid to make it a solid?

You would add energy to make the liquid into the solid.

How are starches identified at the laboratory?

You put a piece of food in a test tube and add a few drops of a speacil liquid and if the food turns yellow it contains starch

What chemical would you use to test a food for the presence of protein?

add about 9 drops of biuret solution

If you want to move from a solid to a liquid do you add or remove energy?

You would need to add heat energy to a solid (e.g. Ice) in order to turn it into a liquid (e.g. Water).

How would you change the pH of your clear liquid from acidic to neutral?

add acid

How do you liquify dried up nail polish?

I would just add a few drops of nail polish remover. It has worked for me! Just add a few drops of nail polish remover into the drying nail polish and give it a few good shakes!

Can you do roasting on induction cooker?

pot roasting works ..experiment watching carefully so you dont burn it. I use 190degrees after searing the meat on all sides...then add a liquid and lid. adding more liquid as needed!

What change would make the data from this experiment more reliable?

i think to make i more reliable i would add more stuff to it

What makes carbonated water glow under a black light when you add ink from highlighters?

This is a cool experiment for my fourth grader but she also needs to understand why the liquid glows.

Why indicator only be used 1-2 drops only during the experiment of acid and base?

as the indicator reacts with the acid/base the pH changes slightly, the more you add the more it changes.

If self -raising wholemeal flour is used would you have to add more or less liquid?

More as it absorbs the liquid more

When is the rigth time to add water to a battery is?

As soon as the water level drops below the top edge of the plates. The plates should always be completely under the surface of the liquid in the cell.

Would you add heat or take away heat to freeze a liquid?

Freezing is an exothermic process.

When you add more sugar to sprite what happens?

I'm about 80% Sure nothing happens. But try it! It would be a great experiment.

Stretch Product Savings?

Save money and gas with fewer trips to the market. With these easy additives you’ll get the most mileage out of common household products and food staples.Add vinegar to liquid dish detergent. Vinegar cuts grease on dishes and glasses.Add peroxide to mouthwash. Peroxide has antibacterial qualities and also works as a tooth whitener.Add water and peroxide to liquid bath soap to make liquid hand soap.Add baking soda to powder detergent to stretch it.Add vinegar to glass and window cleaner.Dice and add overly-ripe tomatoes to stretch salsa or canned tomatoes.Add vinegar to shampoo and conditioner.Add a few drops of fingernail polish remover to revive old nail polish.Add a few drops of water to mascara that has begun to dry out.Mix a few drops of baby oil with body lotion in your hand to spread it farther.Use a little sugar and water to stretch the last bit of ketchup.Add instant pancake or biscuit mix to stretch flour.Warning:Do not mix vinegar with bleach, ammonia, rubbing alcohol or other combustible products.[video=]

Is it dangerous to add a few drops of almond extract to your coffee?


How does temperature effect upon states of mater?

solid- if you add heat its particales make it a liquid or a gas liquid-if you add heat it will turn into a gas gas- if you add heat it stays a gas solid- if you add coldness it stays a solid liquid- if you add coldness it will turn into a solid gas-if you add coldness it will turn into a liquid-moisture-water droplets- condensation

What does a liquid become when you add thermal energy?

In other words if you add heat to a liquid it definitely becomes a gas.