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What wrestler was killed a week ago?

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No wrestlers were killed last week.

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Why do you think the US still has not captured Osama bin Laden?

They actually just killed him about a week ago.

Is grand mastertoosexy the former wrestler still alive?

yes cause he got arrested some time 2 weeks ago or last week i know you can look his wiki

How long ago when martin Luther king was killed?

He was killed 41 years ago.

Did the Pro Wrestler Jack Evans die?

60 years ago

How much does a pro wrestler earn in 1 week?

99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999cuzillion dollars

How long ago was John Lennon killed?

He was killed December 8, 1980. Almost 37 years ago.

Which wrestler committed suicide?

Chris Benoit killed himself and his wife and son.

How can a wrestler lose 7 pounds in one week?

They can exercise every day.

Who did WWE Kane killed?

The professional wrestler Kane has never killed anyone in real life. There was a storyline on WWE where he had killed someone but it was all fake.

What day was it ten weeks ago?

The day of the week 10 weeks ago was the same day of the week that it is today.

Has undertaker ever killed any wrestler?

No. Professional Wrestlers dont kill one another. There have been many matches where the undertaker has put another wrestler in a casket but that does not mean he has killed them.

What wrestler got in bar fight this week?

Sheamus, Big Show, and William Regal

How many animals get killed by a car?

many animals get killed about 10 get killed a week

You are 19 week pregnant when was your last period?

Lets say a month is 4 weeks. Anywhere from 6 months and a week ago to 7 months and a week ago.

How much does a WWE super get?

John cena gets about 500$ per week. Depends on the wrestler

What day of the week was 2nd may 1851?

Friday. It was 8,377 weeks ago. 58,639 days ago. 160 years ago. It was the 122nd day of the year, 18th week.

Who is Tazz?

he is a former wrestler who then retired and then became a announcer for the wwe he left the wwe a couple of years ago

Can you still get pregnant if you had your period a week ago?

Yes i think u can well i know u can because i am and i just had a period a week ago

How Long ago was Selena Quintanilla killed?

Take a breath and 3 yeArs ago

Why is a photo i posted 3 weeks ago say only 1 week ago on instagram?

It is most likely a glitch that is causing a photo you posted three weeks ago says that it was posted only one week ago.

Has wrestler undertaker really killed people?

The undertaker is 20-0 in wrestlemania death matches. So, the undertaker has killed 20 people and stole their souls as well.

When was first man born?

About a week ago

Is there jail in France?

Yeah! i was there a week ago

When is constitution week in 2009?

Constitution week is going to be one year ago today in 2009 and it will end one year ago from the 23rd of this year.

What year would it have been a million seconds ago?

the same. it would be a week ago