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What year and model is a Honda vin jh2me05025k100438?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-21 16:26:15

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That would be a 1985 xr200r.

2006-08-21 16:26:15
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What part of the VIN number for a Honda ATV tells the year model?

Usually, the 10th digit is the year code.

What year is a Honda vin 478TE254234206349?

That is a 2003 Honda

What model is a Yamaha with the vin?

year and model yamaha vin 510203147

What model is a Honda vin JHMEG1142PS000216?

Vehicle VIN JHMEG1142PS000216 is a 1993 Honda Civic /CR-X del Sol 1.5L

What model is a Honda vin jhlrd77402c211371?

1999 Honda CR-V LX awd AT

What model is a Honda Vin 1hgcg16552a060534?

That is a 2002 Honda Accord EX V6 Sedan.

What year was a Honda CBR 900RR motorcycle with the engine VIN number SC28E2101849 manufactured?

This is a 1993 model according to my information.

What year model is your Honda cr250r frame number is JHME03U84M800178?

Your VIN is invalid it should be 17 digits. If the last 8 digits are correct it is a 2004 model.

1999 Honda Civic vin decoding?

Just get a Hayne's manual for your make/model/year; in the first few pages they have an explanation of what each digit/letter means in your car's VIN.

Where do you find the year number on your Honda ATV?

in the VIN#

What year is your beetle with VIN 1562101309?

Model year 1976. The third # in the vin # is the year, the first # is the model (ie) #1 is the beetle or type 1

How do you tell the year of manufacture on a Honda CBR1100xx?

Usually the 10th digit of the VIN number will tell you the year of manufacturing. In the late 2000s they ran out of vin numbers and started using ABC's. If the second "digit" is an A it's a 2010 model, B is a 2011 model, C is 2012 and so on.

What is the year model of your Yamaha big bear the Vin is JY43HNA08RA151174?

That is a 1994 model. Also, by that VIN, it was made in the Karagawa, Japan Plant. 10th digit of the vin is the year 1994 is correct

Where is the VIN on a 1983 Honda Nighthawk?

Front left fork, right below turn signal. Should see model and Vin

What year is a VIN 1102966017 of vw?

Model year 1970.

What is the year model of your Yamaha grizzly the vin is JY4aM03y17C109701?


Can you find out the year model of a YZ125 just by looking at the VIN If so how?

The tenth character of the VIN is the year character

What year is Yamaha TTR-90 VIN JYACB03WXYA001925?

The vin shows a 2000 model year machine

What year make and model is VIN?

VIN stands foe vehicle identification number.

What year is this vin number Honda cr250 jh2me03a9ym400321?

It's a 2000.

Why Honda cb650 VIN RCO7-1004700?

Where is the vin on a honda 650c

How do you determine what year model a 4-wheeler is from the VIN number?

the 8th and 10th vin #

What is the year model the vin is jy43hnw08pa11117s?

The VIN comes back to a 1993 Yamaha YFM350FW motorcycle.

I need to buy a new alternator... What information will I need from my vehicle so I buy the right alternator?

Year, make, model, engine size and VIN are helpful.Year, make, model, engine size and VIN are helpful.

What year and model is Honda vin 1hfte210354504699?

Looks like 2005 to me. The tenth digit is a code for the model year. 1971 to 1979 used 1 to 9, then 1980 to 2000 used letters A to Y skipping I, O, Q and U (See for a full description). In 2001, they restarted with 1 again. So, unless the Honda is very old, it is a 2005 model.