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Whether or not John Cabot actually sailed as far as Nova Scotia is something we will never know for sure. Cabot sailed west from England in 1497 to demonstrate that there was a direct route across the Atlantic Ocean to China. The existence of North America and South America was unknown to Europeans at the time. Like Columbus, whose first voyage across the Atlantic had occurred in 1492, Cabot also believed that he had reached Asia. Records do not indicate with any degree of accuracy where it was that Cabot actually landed. It is speculated that it was either some part of the coast of Labrador, Bonaventure (in Newfoundland), or Cape Breton Island. Cabot did indicate that he was aware Newfoundland was an island. In 1498, Cabot embarked upon a second voyage with a fleet of five ships, but never returned, and is generally presumed to have perished at sea.

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Q: What year did John Cabot come to Nova Scotia?
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