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ur wrong it was 1312 BC

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Q: What year did Mansa Musa become king?
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In what year did Mansa Musa visit Mecca?


In what year did Mansa Musa wisit Mecca?


What date was Mansa Musa or Moussa born?

The exact year of Mansa Musa's birth is unknown.

How long did it take Mansa musa for his hajj?

over a year

Who were the Emperors of Mali empire?

Answer this question…The first ruler from the Laye lineage was Kankan Musa Keita (or, Moussa), also known as Mansa Musa. After an entire year without word from Abubakari Keita II, he was crowned Mansa Musa Keita. Mansa Musa Keita was one of the first truly devout Muslims to lead the Mali Empire

What were the years that Mansa Musa ruled the African empire?

the year between 1312 to 1337

What happened in the year 1337?

Mansa Musa died and the hundreds year war between Britain and France began. The war was pretty 1337.

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The richest celebrity who ever lived was Mansa Musa I. He had a net worth of $400 billion. He lived from the year 1280 to 1337.

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