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Marlin switched from Ballard rifling to the newer micro-groove on their 81 DL model in 1954.


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REMOVAL:# Raise the vehicle. # Disconnect the switch wire harness connector. # Pry washer lock tabs upward and remove the switch attaching nut and tabbed washer. # Remove the switch adjusting bolt. # Slide switch off the manual valve shaft. INSTALLATION:# Disconnect the shift linkage rod from the shift lever on the left side of the transmission. # Rotate the manual shift lever all the way rearward. Then rotate the lever forward two detent positions to Neutral. # Install the switch on the manual valve shaft and install the switch adjusting bolt finger tight. Do not tighten the bolt at this time. # Install the tabbed washer on the manual valve shaft and install the switch attaching nut. Tighten the nut to 6.9 Nm (61 inch lbs.) torque but do not bend the washer lock tabs over the nut at this time. # Verify that the transmission is in Neutral. # Rotate the switch to align the neutral standard line with the vertical groove on the manual valve shaft. # Align the switch standard line with the groove or flat on the manual valve shaft. # Tighten the switch adjusting bolt to 13 Nm (108 inch lbs.) torque. # Bend at least two washer lock tabs over the switch attaching nut to secure it. # Connect the shift linkage rod to the shift lever on the left side of the case. # Connect the switch wires to the harness and the lower vehicle. # Check switch operation. Engine should start in Park and Neutral only.

Because the heads of the screws holding the ignition to the column snap off on application you will need a chisel,flat head screwdriver and hammer to make a groove in the head of the screw and unscrew normally.

the neutral start switch is located on the right side of the transmission housing. It can be adjusted or if it fails continuity check must be replaced. to adjust put trans select lever in N.loosen the bolt at the top right and align the groove in the end of the control shaft with the vertical index line on the switch by pivoting the switch, then tighten the bolt. In park or neutral you should have continuity between the 2nd and 3rd terminals from the right on the bottom looking into the connector with the snap clip on top. If not you will need to replace it.

If you mean the ignition switch- it is located on the steering column under the dash, you can remove the bolts holding the steering column in place and lower it. the switch is on top of the column and easy to get to with it lowered. unplug switch remove nuts, make note of where the actuator rod goes, it must fit into the switch at the proper location, if you haven't moved the lock cylinder you should be fine. after putting rod into little groove in the switch put it back onto column and tighten nuts. reattach plug and secure steering column. it would be good to get a repair manual from NAPA or another store it helps.

Reach behind the headlight switch dash. The switch has a button/pin on the left side (9 O'clock) which is spring loaded. It releases the headlight knob and it's shaft from the body of the switch. Push firmly in on that button/spring and pull the knob and shaft out of the body of the switch. Next unscrew all the screws holding your dash face plate. Remove necessary radio knobs and wiper knob by pulling straight out. Remove your dash face plate. Removing the face plate reveals the aparatus holding the switch in place. You will see a large circular plate with a straight groove this is what holds the switch in place. You must unscrew this to remove the switch. I used a large flat bladed screw driver to make loose then unscrewed the rest by hand. The switch is now free to drop out the back of the dash. You will see the wires plugged into the right side (3 O'clock) of the switch. Unplug the wires by simply pulling them apart from the body of the switch. Plug in your new switch and reverse this process. This whole process should take about 15 min to complete. It's a good time to replace burnt out dash lamps.

To remove the switch yust pull on the switch really hard and it will come right out. Don't be afraid of pulling out the little metal bar inside. No. DO NOT PULL REALLY HARD. All you have to do is take a flat tip screw driver and put it in the slot on the headlight knob itself. There is a little groove that it will fit into. Push back toward yourself, release the knob, then remove the instrument shroud. Remove the two tourqe bolts with a torque screw driver, a set is only ten bucks. Remove the harness from the old switch, replace knob stem bracket etc.

The turn signal switch is part of the multifunction switch.The turn signal switch is part of the multifunction switch.

The turn signal switch is part of the multifunction switch.The turn signal switch is part of the multifunction switch.

No a switch just opens and closes a circuit. A switch can be replaced by a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch will fit in the same enclosure that the switch is removed from.

Different between layer2 switch and multilayer switch

a switch which is given as a optional switch to switch on or off something but doesn't actually work.

It does not have a kill switch.It does not have a kill switch.

to connect switch to switch used cross over cable........

Switch 1: DOWN Switch 2: UP Switch 3: DOWN Switch 4: UP Switch 5: UP Switch 6: UP Switch 7: DOWN

A "fused switch" is a switch in series with a fuse in a single housing. The fuse and the switch are essentially separate. A "switched fuse" is switch containing a fuse, usually mounted in a carrier and the fuse (and carrier) physically move when switching occurs. <><><> A "fused switch" is a switch which has a fuse to protect whatever appliance the switch is controlling. A "switch fuse" is a fuse that goes into a fused switch!

electric switch, electrical switch, control, controller

switch is frozen from water corrosion.

No you do not switch from your entire class

The KILL switch is in series with the ignition switch. When the KILL switch is open, the bike will not start.

Yes it can be. He switched the light on. Switch on is the verb. Can you switch your hockey stick with mine. Switch is the verb.

It does not have a reset switch.It does not have a reset switch.

A mercury switch is an electronic switch that opens or closes a circuit when the switch, or device it is attached to, tilts.

You can if you have a neutral wire present. If the existing switch is what is called a "switch loop" then you can not change the existing switch to a switched outlet. You can identify a switch loop by looking at the wires coming into the switch bow. If there are only one set of wires usually a black and white and they go directly to the switch then you have a switch loop

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