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The Province of Canada was one of the original provinces (along with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) that confederated in 1867. On entrance, the Province of Canada was split into Ontario and Quebec.

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Q: What year did Ontario join confederation?
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Why did Ontario join the Confederation?

Ontario did not "join" Confederation. Ontario did not exist as a political entity until Confederation occurred.

Why did Ontario join confederation?

Ontario joined Confederation because of political deadlock.

Why did Ontario join Canada?

Ontario did not "join" Canada. Ontario did not exist prior to Confederation. Ontario was one of the original four provinces of Canada. Prior to Confederation, there was the pre-Confederation self-governing colony called the Province of Canada. It was divided into the Province of Quebec and the Province of Ontario on Confederation.

When did Ontario join confederation?

Ontario joined confederation on July 1, 1867 as one of the founding provinces.

What are some things that Ontario not want to join confederation?

The undertaker!

Why Ontario should not join the Confederation?

1. Ontario did not exist prior to Confederation. Therefore it could not have "joined" Confederation. 2. Confederation occurred almost 150 years ago. It is a little late to be discussing such a question.

What were the 4 provinces that joined confederation in 1867?

Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and british Columbia were the first provinces to join confederation.

Why did Ontario join the confederation present day?

because they wanted to be a part of the governments desisions

What year did Quebec join Confederation?

Qubec joined the confederation in 1867.

Which province was the last province to join confederation and what year?

which province joined confederation last and what year

Should Ontario join the confederation?

it's in the confederation. ------ No yet they still did. Now the Question is should they stay?

When did Nunavut join confederation what year?


Why did Winnipeg join Confederation?

Winnipeg did not join Confederation.

What year did Nova Scotia join the confederation?

July 1,1867

In what year did Alberta join the Canadian confederation?

Alberta joined the Canadian Confederation on September 1, 1905.

What day year and month did Quebec join confederation?

Quebec joined confederation with Ontario, one of the original four provinces to be united under the British North America act. This happened on July 1st 1867, which for this reason is now celebrated as Canada Day.

Why did Ontario not want Confederation?

Wrong. First, Ontario did not exist as such until Confederation. Second, that part of the Province of Canada which had formerly been Upper Canada (and which formed the basis of today's Ontario) had the most to gain from Confederation and was the strongest supporter of Confederation. Third, although all provinces have benefited from Confederation, it is probably fair to say that Ontario has benefited the most from Confederation.

Who wanted Canada confederation?

Many great Canadians wanted Confederation. For Canada West (Ontario) George Brown and John .A. Mcdonald led them to Confederation. For Canada East (Quebec) George Cartier led them. Nova Scotia was led by Charles Tupper. New Brunswick was led by Leonard Tilley. They were the 1st 4 provinces to join confederation. PEI and Newfoundland did not want to join. Newfoundland was the last to join in 1949.

Why didn't the Northwest Territories want to join confederation?

They joined in year 1870

When did New Brunswick join the Confederation?

New Brunswick, along with Canada West (Ontario), Canada East (Quebec), and Nova Scotia, joined altogether in the year 1867 to form the Dominion of Canada.

In what year did BC join the Confederation?

British Columbia joined Confederation and became Canada's sixth province on July 20, 1871.

Who brought Ontario in to confederation?

They started confederation i think my bro .. lol (:

When was Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party created?

Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party was created on 1989-04-26.

Why didn't Newfoundland join Canada in the confederation?

Newfoundland and Labrador did join Confederation, but not until 1949.

Which province was the last to join confederation?

Newfoundland and Labrador was the last province to join Confederation in 1949

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