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Canada was the first country to be created by legislation.

The British North America Act (now the Constitution Act) created Canada as a federation, uniting Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the pre-Confederation Province of Canada (see section 3). Upon Confederation, the pre-Confederation Province of Canada was severed into the Provinces of Québec and Ontario (see section 6).

Therefore, although it is correct to say that Québec was one of Canada's four original provinces, it is incorrect to say that Québec 'joined' Confederation.

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2011-05-12 13:21:13
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Q: Why did Québec join Confederation?
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When did Qubec join Confederation?


What year did Quebec join Confederation?

Qubec joined the confederation in 1867.

Why did Winnipeg join Confederation?

Winnipeg did not join Confederation.

When did qubec join the confederation?

Since they have yet to accept the Canadian Constitution some would say they have not joined, but they were in right from the start, 1867. They along with Ontario were Canada so one could say other provinces joined their Confederation.

Why did Ontario join the Confederation?

Ontario did not "join" Confederation. Ontario did not exist as a political entity until Confederation occurred.

Which province was the last to join confederation?

Newfoundland and Labrador was the last province to join Confederation in 1949

Why didn't Newfoundland join Canada in the confederation?

Newfoundland and Labrador did join Confederation, but not until 1949.

Who is the last procince to join confederation?

The last province to join Confederation was Newfoundland, in 1949. The last territory to join Canada was Nunavut, in 1999.

Why didn't Nova Scotia join Confederation?

Nova Scotia did join Confederation. In fact, Nova Scotia was one of the four original provinces of Confederation.

What was the last Canadian province to join the Confederation?

The last province to join the confederation has NewFoundLand. The last territory was Nunavut.

When did Spain join confederation?

Spain joining Canadian Confederation? What planet are you on?

What is the last province to join Confederation?

Newfoundland Labrador was the last province to join Confederation in 1949 (Nunavut was the last territory to join, on April 1, 1999).

Why did Sir Etienne Paschal join confederation?

He didn't "join" Confederation, well I guess in one sense he did because he was one of our Fathers of Confederation and a professional politician. Maybe that is why.

Why didn't PEI join the confederation?

PEI didn't join the confederation because they didnt have enough money to create a railroad.

Why did the Yukon join confederation?

Cause i Told Them to Join The Confederation,This is Ezekiel the dumb guy hahahhah i ish a nub.. :P

When did nunavut join the confederation?


When did the Yukon join confederation?


When did Halifax join the Confederation?


Why did saskathwen join confederation?


Why did Quebec join the Confederation?

They were forced.

Did PEI want to join confederation in 1864?

No, they did not want to join Confederation. However, John Hamilton Gray, of PEI, was in favour.

When did Newfoundland join Confederation?

Newfoundland joined Confederation on March 31, 1949.

Why did Ontario join confederation?

Ontario joined Confederation because of political deadlock.

Was Charles tupper with or against confederation?

no he was not against confederation. Because he had convinced them to join.

When did Northwest Territories join the confederation?

The Northwest Territories joined the confederation in 1870.