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Prince Henry didn't 'discover' the Atlantic Ocean. It was sitting right there and man had been living along the edges of it for thousands of years. People such as the Romans and Vikings sailed back and forth between the various parts of the continent for centuries before Prince Henry was born.

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The goal of prince Henry's exploration of the west coast of Africa was to?

discover lands across the Atlantic Ocean

What places did Prince Henry travel?

Prince Henry traveled to areas of western Africa and he also traveled to islands in the Atlantic Ocean. He was a navigator and explorer for Portugal.

Sponsored expeditions of discovery in the Atlantic Ocean and down the coast of Africa?

Prince Henry. Hope this helps! :)

Who sponsored expeditions of discovery in the Atlantic Ocean and down the coast of Africa?

Prince Henry sponsored the expeditions.

What ocean is prince edward islands on?

Prince Edward islands is on the atlantic ocean.

What is a ocean in Prince Edward island?

There is no ocean in PEI, but the Atlantic ocean is adjacent to it.

What ocean did Columbus sail across to discover the new world?

Atlantic ocean

When did Ferdinand Magellan discover the Atlantic Ocean?


Why was Prince Henry from Portugal known as the Navigator?

Prince Henry opened a school to teach navigators how to navigate the ocean.

When was Henry Belmar born?

Henry Belmar was born in May 1849, in Atlantic Ocean.

Who is the Leah prince who is possibly the ancestor of the Mandan ordains who Sailed the Atlantic Ocean on to what in now the gulf of mexico?


Who first sailed the Indian Ocean?

prince john henry

Which four provinces of Canada have their coastline on the Atlantic Ocean?

Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador (known as the Atlantic Provinces) border the Atlantic Ocean.

Which province in Canada is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean?

Prince Edward Island

What Canadian province is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean?

Prince Edward Island

What did Jacques marquette discover about the Mississippi river?

that it does not flow twords the Atlantic or Pacific ocean

What Canadian provinces border the Atlantic ocean?

Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia all border the Atlantic Ocean.

Which Canadian provinces border the Atlantic ocean?

The Canadian provinces that border the Atlantic Ocean are: Newfoundland & Labrador, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.There is also a Canadian territory that borders The Atlantic Ocean, and it is Nunavut

What ocean is to the east of the United States?

Atlantic the Atlantic ocean the Atlantic ocean

Which body of water in America did Henry Hudson first enter?

Atlantic Ocean

Why did Henry Hudson sail across the Atlantic ocean?

He wanted to find new land.

What are the major bodies of water in Prince Edward Island?

The major bodies of water of Prince Edward Island are the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of St.Lawrence.

Three provinces that have coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean?

Canada has a number of provinces that have coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. These provinces include New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador.

What ocean is east of North America?

The Atlantic Ocean is east of North America.

What ocean is between Africa and south America?

the southern ocean it is the Atlantic ocean