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Historians normally "begin" the date in 1961.

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What were the reasons given for fighting between the United States and Vietnam?

The war was between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The US was fighting with the Republic of South Vietnam to prevent an invasion by the Communist North Vietnam.

Why were the north and south vietnamese fighting?

The NVA and ARVN fought in South Vietnam. The only fighting taking place in North Vietnam was between jet aircraft (the air war).

Who was fighting in Vietnam?

the U.S.A., South Vietnam, and North Vietnam.

When did the Vietnam civil war between the north and south begin?

Most Historians like to use 1961 as the starting point for the war. The Vietnam War was NOT a civil war. A civil war is two armies from the same nation fighting itself. North Vietnam & South Vietnam were separate countries. They were never one country called Vietnam until 1975.

When did the Vietnam civil war begin between the North and the South?

There was a NORTH Vietnam and a SOUTH Vietnam, and they fought each other, the normal starting date used by many historians is 1961. However, North and South Vietnam were separate nations. They were never just one Nation called VIETNAM until 1975. Consequently, this was no civil war. A civil war is ONE country fighting itself.

The Vietnam War was between the Vietnam and the who?

Technically between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Actually between the US and North Vietnam.

What countries were fighting each other in Vietnam war?

Communist north Vietnam was fighting the anti-Communist south Vietnam who had the help of America

What were the north vietnamese and the viet cong fighting for?

They were fighting to re-unite the Republic of South Vietnam with "Communist" North Vietnam; under one communist government.

How did north Vietnam win the Vietnam war?

The United States lost the will to continue fighting. The Vietnamese, who were defending their own country, were willing to fight forever. The North Vietnamese saw no distinction between North and South Vietnam. Ed Vietnam War Veteran 1968-69

Why was north Vietnam fighting with south Vietnam?

The north Vietnamese were fighting with the south Vietnamese because the (north) wanted to impliment a communist government and the Viet-cong (south) wanted to remain as they were.

Where was the fighting taking place of Vietnam?

Air war North Vietnam. Ground war South Vietnam.

When did the fighting between the north and south began?

1861 for the US Civil War. Around the 1960s for the Vietnam War.

What are the similaritis and differences between soilders fighting in the Vietnam and the current war in Iraq?

1. The US is not at war with Iraq. 2. The US was at war with North Vietnam.

Who was fighting with whom in the Vietnam War?

Communist NORTH verses Republic of SOUTH Vietnam.

What were they fighting about in the vienam war?

The country of Vietnam had divided into communist North Vietnam and democratic South Vietnam, and was fighting a civil war to determine if the country would be reunified as a communist nation, or if it would remain a divided nation. Untimately, North Vietnam prevailed.

Who was America fighting in Vietnam?

The USA was fighting with South Vietnam in their fight against North Vietnam and the communists. They were in turn receiving help from China and the Soviet Union, among others.

Why is north and south Vietnam fighting?

Communist North Vietnam was attempting to take over democratic South Vietnam to unify Vietnam as a socialist country. South Vietnam was defending its sovereignty as an independent country.

What did US want North Vietnam to do after the air war?

The US wanted N. Vietnam to stop fighting in S. Vietnam.

Why did the Vietnam war begin to lose support at home?

The publication of the Pentagon Papers The people were basically fighting a war for no reason. Ordering the invasion of Cambodia Ordering the bombing of North Vietnam during peace negotiations

Who was the Vietnam war between?

it was between north Vietnam and America. North Vietnam was a communist country and America didnt want communism spreading as they were capatlists.

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