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What year did the Scouts begin in Hellyer district Tasmania?

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September 06, 2011 7:35AM

Scouting began in Australia in 1908. A photogra[gh at Wynyard indicates that there were scouts present there in 1909. 1st Burnie was founded in 1913.

When the Movement was organised into districts, the NW Coast was counted as an entity, then in 1956 it was spit into Central North West and Mersey.

Scouts began in Leven, Tasmania in April 1965.

Central North West covered from Penguin to Wynyard. Its District Badge was a blue triangle showin banksia serrata which, while growing up the east coast of Australia to Queensland, only grows around Rocky Cape and Sisters Beach in Tasmania.

In 1973 the History of Scouting in Tasmania lists Mr. Peter Brumby as DC of the Central North West district.

He thinks the name change was 1974, certainly the Hellyer badge was designed by Bob Richards.

It looks like late 1973 or some time in 1974 that the Hellyer district was named as such .

The History of Scouting in Tasmania lists a W. Dudman as DCL Hellyer, so the district was known as Hellyer in 1975.