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It depends on which Stone Age you are talking about.

  • The Old Stone Age lasted from 2 million BC-8,000 BC.
  • The Middle Stone Age lasted from 8,000 BC-6,000 BC.
  • The New Stone Age was from 6,000 BC-3,500 BC.
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When did domestication of animals begin?

When did domestication of animals begin? The answer is at the end of the old stone age and the beginning of the new stone age.

Did the old stone age trade with other people?

no in new stone age trading begin some villages which have better clay and stone begin to change poetry and tool with other villages and so trading begin

How did art begin in Europe?

In the Stone Age caves.

When did the old stone age begin and end?

The Stone Age ended 5,000 years ago CIRCA 3,000 B.C.E

Where did the stone age begin?

Ten thousand years ago.

How did fine arts begin?

By Stone Age cave paintings.

What year was the old stone age?

9,ooo years ago was the old stone age.

When did the Neolithic New Stone Age begin?

The Stone Age started 2 to 5 million years ago.The New Stone age, AKA the Neolithic Age most likely began about 10,000BC with the increase in agriculture.

When did the new stone age begin?

10,000 years ago, i think....

What year did rolling stone magazine begin publicaiton?

The first publication of the ROLLING STONE was in 1967.

What year did the viking age begin?

The Viking Age began in the year 793 AD.

When did agriculture begin?

In the stone age times which was sixty thousand years ago

When in the stone age was light discovered?

Dont know the exact date or year, but it was the start of the new stone age!

Did the houses change Stone Age to bronzeage?

Early stone age people were hunter gatherers, they did not live in houses. Later in the stone age people did begin to settle down and farm, and the transition from stone to bronze did not, of itself, drive a change in house design.

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