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96-99 Dodge neon dohc and 1995 fits by changing upper intake

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โˆ™ 2009-04-27 19:14:54
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Q: What year engine interchange with 1999 dodge neon dohc?
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How do you see a diagram for rear brake assembly for 1999 dodge stratus?

Find diagram of 1999 a Dodge Stratus DOHC engine

What is the engine oil capacity for a 1999 Dodge Stratus 2.4 DOHC?

It is important to know the cars oil capacity when changing the oil or oil filter. The Engine oil capacity for the 1999 Dodge Stratus 2.4 Dohc is 2.4 liters.

Is the dodge stratus 2002 2.4 dohc an interferenc engine?

No , the DOHC engine is not an interference engine ( but the SOHC is an interference engine ) in a 2002 Dodge Stratus 2.4 liter

Will a 93 mark 8 engine interchange with other mark 8s of a later date if so where can you get your source of info?

93 to 94 for 4.6 dohc engine interchange book

Does the 2.4L DOHC 1999 stratus have an interference motor in it?

The 2.4 litre DOHC engine is NOT an interference engine.

Is the dodge 2.4L dohc an interference engine?


Where is the PCV valve on a 1999 dodge neon?

sohc or dohc?

Will a 1997 GEO Metro engine sohc interchange with a 1997 GEO Prizm dohc?

i dont think so.

Is the Dodge Stratus 2.4L 4cyl DOHC engine interference or non-interference?

It is an interference engine

What size timing belt goes on a 1999 Dodge Avenger 2.0 DOHC 16 Valve 4cyl with a factory Mitsubishi engine?

Any auto parts store will have this info.

Were there two engine models for the 1999 Mercury Mystique if so what were they?

The 2.0 L - DOHC - 4 cylinder and the 2.5 L - DOHC - V6 engine

Is the 1995 avenger 2.0 dohc engine a non interfference engine?

The 2 liter Dodge Avenger Engine is an interference engine.

Where are the timimg marks on a 2002 dodge stratus 2.4 dohc?

is the chysler town&country an interface engine 2.4 dohc

How much horsepower does a 1998 dodge neon have?

the SOHC engine had 132 the DOHC rt engine had 150

What would win a 1998 dodge avenger 2.0 dohc 5 SPEED or a 1999 dodge ram V8?

the avenger

What size of engine does a 1999 Kia Sephia have?

1.8l dohc

Is the 2.4L dodge caravan dohc dual overhead cam an interference engine?

Yes. The only dodge caravan engine that is non-interference is the 3.0L V6.

Will a 1999 1.9 dohc engine fit in a 2001 with a 1.9 dohc.are they the same engine for three years?

No, a 1.9 dohc engine for a 1999 will not fit a 2001 model. Each model of cars receives upgrades that require parts made specifically for that model.

How do you know what engine is in 99 Saturn SL2?

a 1999 has a 1.9l Dohc

Will a 1996 Cavalier engine go into a 1999 Z24?

No, A 2.2L OHV will NOT replace a 2.4L DOHC engine.

Can you swap a 1997 dodge neon 2.0 dohc for a sohc engine?

i believe the mounting is the same however the DOHC will have a better power output than the SOHC

Is the 2000 Dodge Stratus 2.4L 4cyl DOHC engine interference or non-interference?


Will a Dodge Neon motor fit in a Dodge Stratus?

Call your local wrecking yard. They have interchange manuals and software. yes it will sohc and dohc. not sure they will Stratus has the exhaust manifold in front, neon in the rear

How many quarts of oil 2004 dodge intrepid 2.7 6-cyl dohc. engine?

About 6

How do you adjust the valves on a 1999 Toyota Corolla?

no adjustment. you have the dohc engine and zero lash.

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