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1. The two NATIONS of North and South Vietnams were created in 1954.

2. The one NATION of Vietnam was created in 1975.


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Normal relations were established in about 1995.

Pakistan was created in about 1947, North & South Vietnam were established in about 1954. Remember, VIETNAM was two countries not one!

it was established in the year 1972 i think ^_^

No. The United States had full diplomatic relations with the Republic of Vietnam (colloquially called South Vietnam) from 1954-1975 when that country was conquered by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (colloquially called North Vietnam or just Vietnam today) in 1975 at the close of the Vietnam War (the Vietnamese call it the American War). The United States established full diplomatic relations with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1995 as Vietnam embraced a market economy and was beginning to reach out to other ASEAN nations.

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The Us did not lose Vietnam. How can you say north Vietnam won the war when in the 11 year period they lost every battle and had 4,000,000 casualties. North Vietnam was practically giving up before the US pulled out and established a treaty. They were the ones who went against the treaty. So you can say there was a second Vietnam war and South Vietnam lost that one. Since the first Vietnam war wasn't established by the UN you cant say either country one that one. But in that war the US military clobbered Vietnam. The United States hasn't lost a single war in its 232 year history and probably never will. We didint so call (loose) the war we just simply left cause we found it to be pointless

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Begin with websites: Statistics about the Vietnam War & Vietnam War Time-Line

The United States went into war with Vietnam in the year 1965.

Diplomatic ties were established in 1994/1995.

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Went on with the cold war, until the Soviets collapsed in 1990. Then established diplomatic relations with Communist Vietnam in 1994.

Vietnam was first invaded by the Japanese during World War 2. Vietnamese insurgents, along with Soviet and French soldiers, were able to hold out until the war ended. Once the war ended, The Soviets (and Ho Chi Minh) established North Vietnam and the French (with Diem) established South Vietnam.

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1968; nearly 17,000 US servicemen died in Vietnam that year.

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