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Care to give us a little more information about it? A gun's serial number tells us absolutely nothing if we don't know the manufacturer's name and model number. And even with those, sometimes there are no lists to determine the year of manufacture from the serial.

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Q: What year was a 16 Ga single shot no 328322 built?
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What year was the 22 cal single shot model 15A Stevens rilfes built?

These were made from 1936-1971.

What year is a Stevens Model 94H single shot 12 gauge shot gun serial?

I can say that Stevens began production of the model 94 single shot shotguns in the year 1929.and finished in the year 1945.

How much is a Marlin semi auto 22 cal single shot worth?

single shot is not semi auto . what mod what year?

What year was the savage model 63 single shot produced?


What year was the ranger 12 gage single shot made?

Impossible to answer.

What year was the savage model 219 single shot rifle produced?


What year is victor plain single shot 354833?

No sn data available

Can you tell me the value and year made that this western field single barrell shot gun?


What year was a 12 gauge single barrel shotgun serial number c584 made?

What year was riverside, 12 gauge, single shot ,model 548 made

What year is 16 gauge single shot springfield barrel and lug forged in one piece inside barrel wwdt?

What year is 16 gage single shot Springfield barrel and lug forged one piece inside barrel wwdt

How many model 52 J Stevens single shot rifles were made and from what year to what year?

88,000 from 1933 to 1937.

What year was the Stevens model 89 22 cal single shot lever action made?

one year 1976

How much for a 40 year old 12 gauge single shot ithica rifle?


What year was a 44 shot rifle lever action single shot made by J Stevens Arms Tool Co?

it was made approx. 1896-1916

Firearms int'l corp single shot 22 skeleton year made cost?

No published sn data.

When did john m browning make his first gun?

In the year 1880.It was the model 1878 single shot rifle.

Hopkins Allen Arms Co made a 22 single shot long rifle in what year?

Provide the serial number.

What year is the model 32A 22 single shot bolt action manufactured?

Can't be answered without knowing who made it.

Browning 20 gauge shot gun serial 02074 pn 832 year made and value pump shot gun built on Winchester frame?

1989; 100-400 usd

What is the cost of single shot of absolute vodka?

Usually, a shot of Absolut is no more than 2 US dollars. There are price hikes depending on the location, event, and time of year, however.

How do you tell when your Remington 514 single shot 22 rifle was made?

To find out when your Remington 514 single shot 22 rifle was made look on the left side of the barrel near the receiver. There will be a manufacturerÕs code in that area which will indicate the month and year of production.

What would be a good first gun for a 12-year-old?

Single shot 22 rifle. thanks i was thinking about a .243 but a .22 is a good idea

Did Riverside Arms make a 20 GA single shot shotgun?

yes they did i happen to own one, however i am unsure of the year

What year did the 514 single shot bolt action long rifle 22 cal get its patent?

Impossible to answer without knowing who made it.

What year is model 49 22 single shot Ithaca serial number 490350834?

500K sold between 61 and 78