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These were made by the Iver Johnson Company, about 1910-1935. Serial number records are spotty, company no longer in business.

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Need a detailed description of all markings, caliber, barrel length to even begin to help

You will need to provide more info on the handgun in question.Please include the model number if possible,the caliber,and barrel length. Also is this firearm a solid frame revolver or a top break action revolver.

they were break-open tyoe revolver and I believe they were made during the 1920-1930's

Please add the following info to help identify your Smith and Wesson handgun.Is it a break open model or revolver,how many shots,what caliber,what barrel length,along with the serial number that you included.

President McKinley was shot with the same model gun. The patent dates are 1896 and 1899.

your revolver sounds like a 'break-open' type gun. probably from the 1930's or so. No value unless it's marked Colt or S&W. depending on condition i.e., gun is complete and functional. no pitts or rust. then anywhere from $75 to $150...........those type of 'break-opens' are a dime a dozen, and not too safe to shoot modern ammo.....

Need a detailed description of all markings.

Need more information. Break open or swing-out cylinder? Also, the complete serial number will be located under the left grip panel.

Impossible to answer without a serial number.

The value of an 1896 Iver Johnson 22 caliber 7 shot revolver is dependent upon a number of factors. The condition of the revolver would need to be taken highly into consideration when determining the value.

S&W, H&R, M&H to name but a few

we can't tell from the serial number- company is closed, records gone. These were made by the Iver Johnson Company as a line of "second quality" guns from ABOUT 1910-1930. Rarely in .22 LR, mst often in .32 S&W or .38 S&W (NOT .38 Special- .38 S&W) Caliber should be marked on the gunj, if not, very easy for a gunsmith to determine.

If you have the Black powder model(made for blackpowder cartridges)these were made from 1890-1908.If you have the smokeless powder version,then these were made from 1909-1941.I am fraid that is the best that I can do for you.

These were made by Iver Johnson company. Try searching under Iver Johnson,

Not without the serial number and a detailed description of all markings, features and condition.

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