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The R prefix to your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 336 rifle was produced between 1957-1958.

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How do you tell when my marlin 336 3030 was made?

By including the serial number in your question,we will be able to answer when your Marlin model 336 was produced.

How old is a marlin 3030 model 1893 with serial number 194000?

With the serial number that you provided,your Marlin model 1893 rifle was made in the year 1899.

How old is a 3030 marlin rifle model 30a serial number 21095896?

Your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 30A was made in the year 1979.

What year and price on Marlin 3030 336 Sc serial?

You need to include a serial number to get a answer.

What year Marlin 3030 rifle was made with a serial number of F49806?

The letter F prefix to your serial number indicates that your Marlin rifle was made in the year 1949.

Where is the serial number for a Marlin Glenfield 3030 30A Rifle?

I would check the lower tang,under the lever.

Where is the serial number on the zane grey century 3030?

The rifle is a marlin 336. Serial number is located on the lower tang under the lever.

What year is the serial number AB 4475 on Marlin 336 RC 3030?

Your Marlin model 336RC(regular Carbine) was made in the year 1966 with the 2 letter prefix of AB to your serial number.

How old and where parts are available Marlin model 1893 3030 345935?

there is a marlin collectors site or gunbroker.com

How old is marlind 3030 model 30as serial number 16069320?

Your Marlin model 30AS was made in the year 1984.

How old is my marlin 3030 rifle?

Not enough information given to answer this question.

What is the value of a 1917 336 RC Marlin 3030?

The 336 began production in 1948. It can not be a 336 and made in 1917. Cross reference your serial number ... google Marlin Serial numbers and click on an applicable site.

What year is a Marlin 3030 with a seriel number starting with T made?

The T stands for Texan ! they were made in the late 60s to 70s ... I have a 1969 Texan

1950 marlin 3030 is worth?

All depends on condition, model, accessories,...etc.

How do you dislodge bullet from a marlin 3030 rifle?

This would be best left to a qualified gunsmith to do.

How old might a 3030 Marlin model 336 with no serial number be?

they all have a serial number it might be under the fore grip The model 336 was introduced in 1948 and almost certainly has a serial number.

What is the value of a Marlin 3030 model 1893 26 inch full octagon barrel manufactured in 1902 SN259683?

The Marlin 3030 model is a classic hunting rifle made in 1902. The value of this gun today can reach several thousand dollars.

What is the value of a Marlin 3030 model 30A?

The Marlin/Glenfeild 30A have gone up in value. Condition is everything of course. 3-$500 is normal.

What the pricing on a marlin 3030 model 336 serial number 46594?

Between 200-350 dollars depending on overall condition of the wood and metal,and a good bore.

What is a marlin 30 30 the American hunter tribute no. 35 an edition of 300?

Marlin 336c 3030 The American Hunter #35 of 300... value?

Where is a good place to purchase marlin 3030 parts?

Gun Parts Corp or Jack First websites

What is the year and value of a Marlin Model 93 serial number 1144 3030?

The way to find the year on Marlin rifles manufactured after 1972 is to take the first two digits and subtract them from 100. 100-11=89 so your rifle was made in 1989.

Who do i contact for info on the marlin 3030 micro grooved barrel made by the marlin company in north haven ct since they closed down?

Marlin can be reached at Marlin Firearms Company, P.O.Box 1781, Madison, North Carolina, 27025. The phone number is 203-239-5621. Gun service phone number is 1-800-544-8892. If you need gun repairs, the last phone number also applies. The web site is Marlinfirearms.com.

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