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In many areas of the world polygamy is still permitted. In the United States of America polygamy was outlawed by the Morril Anti-Bigamy Act in 1862. This law does not apply to serial marriage, or simultaneous co-habitation.

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Q: What year was polygamy outlawed in the USA?
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What amendment is polygamy in?

Polygamy is not in any amendment, it was outlawed by a Supreme Court decision.

Who outlawed pologamy in the state of Utah?

The United States government outlawed polygamy in all it's states and territories in 1865. As Utah was a territory at that time, polygamy was outlawed in Utah Territory by an act of the United States government.

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What is a sentence for polygamy?

In some cultures, polygamy is the normal practice. Mormons used to practice polygamy. I don't think polygamy would be right for me. Tomas defended polygamy, as having multiple wives suited him. Polygamy is not an accepted practice in mainstream LDS. Polygamy is outlawed in most of the 50 states.

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Who were a religious group that headed to Oregon in the 1840s?

I think it was the mormons. They wanted a place where they could be free to use polygamy. But soon it got outlawed.

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When did Mormons abolish polygamy doctrine?

Polygamy was officially outlawed in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) in October, 1890. Since that time, anyone found entering into a polygamous marriage has been excommunicated.

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