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The 1948 Winter Games in St. Moritz. South Korea sent a team of three athletes to compete in speed skating.

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South Korea hosted the Olympics in 1988.

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Q: What year was the olympics held in south korea?
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What year was the Olympic's in south Korea?

The Olympics were held in South Korea in 1988.

Where will the 2018 summer olympicss be held?

The 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea on February 9-25, 2018. It will be South Korea's first time hosting Winter Olympics, but second hosting overall Olympics (they hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics in capital Seoul). Cities that put in a bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics were Munich (Germany), Pyeongchang (South Korea), and Annecy (France).

In what year was the winter olympic ever been held in North Korea yes or no?

The Winter Olympics have never been held in Korea.

Where is the winter Olympics in this year?

The 2010 winter Olympics took place in Vancouver, Canada.

Have South Korea entered the Olympics every year?

South Korea has participated in every Olympics since 1948 (the year the country was founded), with the exception of the winter games in 1952 and the summer games in 1980.

In indiaWhich year was the Olympics were held?

The Olympic games have never been held in India. The only summer Olympics held in Asiia have been: * 1964 XVIII Tokyo, Japan * 1988 XXIV Seoul, South Korea * 2008 XXIX Beijing, China

What year were free elections held in south Korea?


Which year was the World Cup held in two different countries?

In the year 2002 it was held in two countries South Korea and Japan.

Where will the 2017 Olympics be held?

There are no Olympic games in 2017; the 2016 Summer games will be in Rio de Janeiro, and the 2018 Winter games will be in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Where did the Olympics games held in the year 2014?

The 2014 winter olympics will be held in Sochi. Sochi is in Russia

When were the Olympics held last year?

The Olympics was last held in Beijing in 2008.

How often are the para Olympics held?

They held with Olympics that is in every fouth year