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sea turtles eat small fish and plants and are eaten by any thing from sharks to people oh yeah they die all the time from getting caught in fishing nets and then they die...... yup that's what i know.


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You need to know how long a water turtle can stay under water for because he or she could drownd at young age!

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Q: What you do need to know about water turtles?
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Why do turtles need water to live?

All animals need water to live. Turtles are animals.

What do aquatic turtles need?


How do baby turtles no what to do?

they think they need water

Can you leave turtles on their own with plenty food for a week?

NO! Turtles need water and to have their cages cleaned. They need cleaned habitats!

Do turtles need many water features in the tank?

Aquatic turtles need to live in water. How deep depends on the species. Turtles like painted turtles or slider turtles need water to be as deep as possible. Turtles like musk and snapping turtles need shallower water. They have to have land too, a turtle need to be able to completely dry off when ever they want to. Tortoises or box turtles need a shallow, easy to climb in, dish that is big enough for then to fit in so they can sit in it and drink when ever they want.

Do land turtles need water?

yes. here are tips. land turtles are called tortises. water turtles are called aquatic turtles. now, compare a Russian tortise to the common kept slider. if you do know what they look like, picture them. think. what are there differences? tortises do not like to swim. sliders like to swim. tortises live on just land. sliders live on land and in water. look up thease 2 species on the internet. you will learn more.

Do loggerhead turtles need fresh water?

No, loggerhead turtles do not need fresh water. They have a specialized tear gland that excretes sodium and potassium. Thus, they are able to 'create' their own fresh water.

What is in a turtles tank?

For a land tortoise, you will need a UV light (that provides artificial sunlight), Vegetables, substrate (dirt), and a hiding place. For water turtles You will need all this + bugs and water.

What do sea turtles need to survive on?

They need food, water and air and shelter.

How do you keep your water turtles happy?

Sing happy and you know it to it

Do water turtles breathe under water?

No they do not breathe under water. They have lungs. Aquatic turtles such as the red - eared slider can hold their breath for 3 - 4 hours.

What do turtles in Missouri eat?

turtles like to eat strawberries and clovers but I need to know what else they eat!