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I have always tried to do my best and I hope that my previous employers and co-workers can back my words. Personally, I like challenges and I am always trying to find new ways of doing things. That does not mean that I am perfect, but I certainly strive to do things allright. Also, I do not mind doing overtime nor taking some work home if it is really interesting. That, besides being absolutely true in my case, should convince almost any employer ;-) Hope this helps and good luck to you every step of the way!

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Q: What you have done that show initiative and willingness to work?
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What have you done that shows initiative and willingness to work?

There are many things you could have done that showed initiative and willingness to work. You may have taken over leading a project when someone was away for example.

What is a sentence for initiative?

Example sentence for the noun 'initiative': It pays to show initiative at work, because you will stand out from the others. The organization's initiative has been delivered to the legislature.

What have you accomplished that shows your initiative and willingness to work?

Always give the most realist answer to their question with a smile. Realist meaning I'll throw 110% at it just for practice.

How do you show initiative at work?

I could give alot of examples. Instead I will only give a word of advice....see a job that needs to be done, no matter how great or small, and do it ! Your boss asks you to do something... do it ! Even if it is not your job ect. it will show a willigness to work and a good work ethic.

Can you give sentence with the word willingness in?

I can't believe his willingness to work.

Example for initiative?

A person may be asked to show an example of initiative in a job interview. They could mention volunteer work, extracurricular activities, or helping another person out in a situation, typically on a job.

What were the Mensheviks for?

Willingness to work with the current government.

How is your work efficiency give examples of how you have excelled?

give examples of an act of initiative aty work. give examples of an act of initiative aty work.

How do you show commitment in work?

The best way to show commitment at work is to always do the best job to the best of ability. Commitment is also shown by always being on time, and never calling out of work unless there is an emergency. Commitment is shown by the willingness to learn and dedication.

How do you show competence?

To show competence you should show that you work well on your own initiative as well as part of a team and that you are capable and able to see a job through to the end and do your very best at whatever you turn your hand to.

How do you work as an individual?

This is usually an interview question. You could say you take initiative to complete projects on time. That you are able to get your job done without a lot of supervision.

How do you demonstrate your Ability to work with limited supervision?

You may demonstrate your ability to work with limited supervision by showing how well you work independently. Give examples of a time you took initiative and got things done without help.

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