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Whats is green day singers name?

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Green Day's lead singer is Billie Joe Armstrong.

Vocalist / Guitarist - Billie Joe Armstrong

Backing Vocalist / Bassist - Mike Dirnt (Michael Pritchard)

Drums - Tre Cool (Frank Edwin Wright III)

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Whats the lead singers name in green day?

Billie Joe Armstrong

What is green day singers name?

BIllie Joe Armstrong.

Lead singers name of green day?

Billie Joe Armstrong; he is also the lead guitarist.

Original singers of Time of your Life?

Billie Joe wrote the song, the original singers were in fact Green Day.

Who are singers in boom boom pow pow?

green day or mozart i think

What bands have guitarists as lead singers?

There are too many to name them all.Here are some...NirvanaGreen DayWhite StripesMetallicaSound Garden

The 3 singers of green day?

Billie Joe Armstrong-Lead SInger Mike Dirnt-Bass Guitar Tre Cool-Drums And that's Green Day!

What was Green Day's band name before it was Green Day?

Before it's name was Green Day, the band's name was Sweet Children.

Is Green Day American Band a band name?

Green Day is a band name, yes.

What was not one of green day old name band?

Green Day was Sweet Children before they were Green Day. That was the only band they were before Green Day.

Whats the Name the robot in the day the earth stood still?

The robot's name was Gort.

Who are the singers in green day?

Green Day have 3 members: Billie Joe Armstrong - lead singer/guitarist Mike Dirnt - bassist/backing vocals Tre Cool - drummer/backing vocals

Why is Green Days band name Green Day How did they come up with it?

A ''Green Day'' is when you sit idle all day smoking marijuana.

What is Prince Jackson favorite thing to do?

His favourite thing to do is to hear music from his dad, and also from his favourite singers Green Day.

What does Green Day mean in Spanish?

The name GREEN DAY meand dia verde in spanish

How long have green day been together?

They formed in 1987 under the name 'sweet children' and changed their name to 'green day' in 1989.

Why did Green Day name their band Green Day?

they love weed Whilst Green Day were still 'Sweet children' (without tre), Billie wrote a song when he was smoking cannabis and named it 'Green Day' (It is on their 39/smooth album) the drummer at the time wrote green day on his leather jacket & the name just stuck.

What are the names of the Green Day singers?

Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong. Billie is the lead singer, and Mike sings backup.

What is the name of the vocalist of green day?

the lead singer of green day is billie joe Armstrong Google it

What is the name of rage against the machines lead singers new band?

One Day As a Lion.

Whats the name of the Mexican gangster in the movie Training Day?

raymond cruz

What is Green day screen name?

they don't have a screen name

What is green day the bands new name?

Green Day. They haven't changed their name. They were working on a side project a while ago but that's over. Now they're back to Green Day with 21st Century Breakdown.

How did greenday get their name?

green day is a day taken to spoke weed

What is a good rock band name?

green day