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Whats the best paying job at 14?


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a limozuine manager. casue 14 year olds can drive


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I would think that the best paying job for a 14 year old is as an actor. But the field of acting is very unpredictable; some people do very well, but most do not. Of course, it is typical of jobs in general that the better paying ones are harder to get. Otherwise, why would anyone take a lower paying job?

It depends on your expenses

finding coins on the ground....what do you expect your 14 with no highschool diploma youl be lucky to find a job that pays 10$ an hour let alone higher you ...go to school and study worry about jobs later

the highest paying job i know is a paper boy or girl it does about £20 a week so not bad realy that's £780pa

you can't have a legal paying job until you're 14, sorry kid

There are not a lot of high paying jobs for 14 year old boys, but for those who have an appealing screen presence, acting would be the easiest and highest paying.

Hey, whats up, I'm 14 and i just moved here, id try and look at sonics..

i think you will find it hard to find a job that pays well at 14, any employers willing to take you on will probably pay you a pittance. go to well if you are a 14 F Dustin has a great job for you :)

In order to have a paying job legally on long island you must be at least 14 years of age.

You'd have to be at least 14 to get have a paying job, and even then your guardians would have to sign a work permit for you.

No, you have to be at least 16 to apply for a job at Best Buy.

You can get a job at 14 and 6 months at the lowest the best first jobs are Bigw Waitress Shopkeeper

whats is the LCM of 14 and 18

umm no what are you thinking

Get a job that you would be willing to do and enjoy. If you dont like a job and you do it, it might not be the best move, but if your in for the money, go for it!

Nowhere you must be sixteen unless you get a work permit.

In most states you have to be at least 14 to get a work permit. Under that age you will probably not be able to work. Your best bet is to do odd jobs for your family and friends. You may be allowed to carry newspapers at the age of 12.

no job cause thats whats makin me made im 14 2 st.louis getting on my nerves with this mess we do need jobs too!!SIGHED BOBBIELAWRENCE

America has laws about that where you cannot get an actual job from an employer like wal mart fleet farm mcdonalds or anything else until you are 15 and whatever there policy is. but you can always get a babysitting job

It depends because if you live near farms it helps because you can get small jobs there but if not you can babysit but you cannot get a government recognized job until I think it is 15 but I am not sure.

That is very difficult. In the US you need to be 14 to obtain a work permit. There are a few exceptions that would allow 12 to work. So you basically have to get a job working for your family or find a job in the entertainment/modeling industry.

Common factors of 4 and 14 are: 1 and 2.

no, you have to be 14 and up to get a job.

I am 14 and I know that a 14 year old can't get a job. You usually should be at lest 16, although sometimes a 15 year old may be able to get a job. Your best bet is to volunteer. It looks good on a college resume if you want to be nurse and you have volunteered in a hospital.

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