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I have heard many questions similar to this.Any kind of ant spray is recommended also I had a problem so I dicided to use weed kill it killed the bees but it did not repell bees from coming.I also relized that any horrid stentch can help repell them.

Add on note from a different contributor: A chemical called Carbaryl, trade name "Sevin", is a bit toxic to people and animals, but extremely toxic to bees and wasps. They carry it back to the hive and it kills everything, including the queen as well. Powdered form works best. However, you might first want to check and see if it is legal to do where you live.

Before you take such drastic action, however, contact your local beekeeper's association and they will remove it for you. Bees colonies worldwide are in decline, which puts our food supply at risk as most of our crops are pollinated by bees. Do a Google search for beekeepers associations in your area and know that you've helped your environment and done your part to ensure their survival in the future.

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Q: Whats the best poison to kill bee hive?
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