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140 hp not sure on the torque Actually GM listed the 2.4 litre engine at 150 hp and 155 lb/ft torque.

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Q: Whats the hp and torque specs on the 99 sunfire GT?
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What are the intake manifold torque specs for a 1999 Ford Ranger pickup 3.0L V6?

What are the torque specs for 99 ford ranger 3.0L intake manifold?

What are the Torque specs 5.7 liter Chevy 1997 rocker arms?

The 99 milllin

What are the torque specs for the lug nuts on a 99 Toyota 4runner?

70 - 80 ft. lbs.

What is the torque specs on trans pan bolts 99 grand Cherokee Laredo?

144 in-lbs

What is the torque specification on a 99 Chevy 1500 knock sensor?

There is no torque specs. on that. Just make sure it's tight and be carefull not to brake it off.

Torque specs for 99 intrigue?

i know that the book says 234 ft/lbs and 215 hp's

What is the torque specs for the brake caliper mounting bolts on a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

77 foot pounds

What are the torque specs for a 99 Chevy s-10 4.3?

Do you want to know how much torque the powertrain for this vehicle puts out or the torque spec for a certain bolt. If its a bolt you need to let us know what you are trying to tighten.

whats 99 plus 99?

99 + 99 = 198

Can you use a 2.4 cavalier engine in a Pontiac Sunfire gt?

you can as long as it is withing certain years 1996-1999 cavalier engine will work in a 96-99 sunfire and a 99-02 cav engine will fit a 99-02 sunfire

Is the bcm located in the center console in a 99 sunfire?

The bcm for a 99 Sunfire should be under the dash. It is on the drivers side near the kick panel.

Torque specs on 99 Daewoo Leganza intake manifold?

18 n.m 13 lb.ft for all models (sohc,dohc 2.0L & 2.2L)

Connecting rod torque specs 99 eclipse 2.0 non turbo?

Step 1- 20 ft lbs - step 2 90 degrees further

Is the hood from a 98 pontiac sunfire gt compatible with the hood of a 99 pontiac sunfire coupe?


What is the torque and torque sequence for a 99 gmc suburbon?

140lbs on your torque wrench

What is rocker arm torque specs on 99 Malibu 3.1?

Specs are 124 inch pounds or 12 ft.lbs. tighten all to that then turn 30 degrees and your set. make sure pushrods are in correct order, some are longer than others.

Head bolt torque specs c-10 caterpillar engine?

99-121 foot pounds plus 90 degrees, small bolts 27-33 foot pounds

What are the torque specs on a 99 alero head?

bolts have to be tied in sequence. 1st tie to 37 ft lb 2nd turn 90 degrees

Why the hi beam and day light are not working but the low beam are working good on sunfire 99?

Why the hi beam and day light are not working but the low beam are working good on sunfire 99?

whats 99 divided by 13?


What is the torque specs on a top intake manifold cover for a 99 Pontiac grand am?

For the upper intake manifold bolt on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am, apply 25 N·m 18 lb. ft toque. It is best to have a reputable repair manual on hand to double check your specs.

What are the Chevy 3.4l head bolt torque specs in a 99 Pontiac Montana?

The 1999 Pontiac Montana 3.4 liter engine cylinder head bolt torque specification is 150 pounds. The cylinder head bolts should be torqued in 50 pound intervals.

Do 2001 Sunfire brake pads and rotors fit on a 99 Sunfire?

Check with local parts store to see if they are the same part

What size is the drive axle nut on a 99 Pontiac Sunfire?


What causes ABS light to come on your 99 sunfire?

There are several causes for ABS light to come on the 99 Sunfire. This may be due to worn or leaking master cylinder, contamination of brake fluid, or leaking brake hose.