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The cost to replace the clutch on a 1993 Toyota Celica will vary depending on labor and part costs. The clutch for the vehicle costs approximately $67.63 in some stores.

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How do you downshift a motorcycle?

To downshift motorcycle is squeeze the clutch and shift to the next lowest gear, release the clutch.

Where is the oil drain plug on 2001 Toyota Sienna?

At the lowest point on the engine oil pan.

Which car Toyota or Mazda has the lowest gas mileage?

Toyota and Mazda are manufacturing companies that each make many models. Toyota makes the highest MPG car in the US this year with the Prius at 53 MPG and the lowest is the NASCAR race cars which get 3.5-4.5 MPG depending on the track.The 4 cylinder Camry and the 4 cylinder Mazda 6 both average 24 mpg this year. And by the way, the Chevrolet Malibu and Ford Fusion get 25 MPG when similarly equipped.

Where to purchase a 2013 Toyota Corolla with automatic transmission and speed control for 16750.00?

Any Toyota Dealer. But I researched that price, and is the MSRP for the lowest Trim no power windows, etc. yes it has cruise control but is the least equipped Corolla available for 2013

How do you bleed a clutch slave cylinder on a 2003 dodge neon?

From driver's seat, actuate clutch pedal 60-100 times. Verify clutch operation/pedal feel. If pedal still feels spongy, or clutch does not fully disengage, excessive air is still trapped within the system. Perform the following procedure: (1) Verify fluid level in clutch master cylinder reservoir. Top off with DOT 3 brake fluid as necessary. (2) Raise vehicle on hoist. (3) Remove clutch slave cylinder assembly from the transaxle case, but do not disconnect from the system. Allow the slave cylinder hang, making it the lowest part of the system. (4) Depress slave cylinder pushrod until it bottoms and then release. Repeat this at least ten (10) times, forcing trapped air upwards and out of the system. (5) Re-install slave cylinder into position. Torque slave cylinder to case bolt to 19 N·m (168 in. lbs.). (6) Lower vehicle. (7) Check and adjust clutch master cylinder fluid level. Actuate clutch pedal thirty (30) times. Verify clutch operation/pedal feel. If pedal still feels spongy, or clutch does not fully disengage, air is still trapped within the system. Repeat Step 3 - Step 7 until air is purged. If several attempts at purging air from the system are unsuccessful, replace both the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder assemblies.

Where is the oil drain bolt on a Toyota Highlander 2004 V6 engine Thanks?

A basic answer is that it should be at the lowest point of the engine oil pan, and is probably a 17mm bolt.

How can I get higher water pressure in my shower faucets?

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What is the compression for 1991 Toyota tercel?

Look for values in relation to other cylinders rather than numbers. There should not be more than a 20% variation between the highest and the lowest

What company makes the 2012 hybrids with the highest gas mileage?

The Toyota Prius has the highest gas mileage of all hybrid cars. It also has the lowest annual fuel cost.

When at a stop light should you shift into neutral?

Not required. In an auto transmission the gear is at its lowest when the brake is engaged and uses the same amount of fuel as in neutral. In manual transmission, I have seen few people shifting to neutral but again it is not required, you may put it at the lowest gear and keep your brake and clutch engaged while at stop light.

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How do you remove air conditioner filter on Toyota Highlander 2005 4 cylinder?

It is described in detail in the owners manual. If you do not have the manual -briefly- the filter is located behind the glove box. Lower the glove box to it's lowest position and squeeze the sides inward to release it from it's 'stops.' It will then swing down to its lowest position and you will see the filter housing directly behind the area normally occupied by the glovebox. Remove, replace and return glovebox to its normal upright position. [Upon thought - there MAY be a restraint on the golvebox that needs to be loosened or unscrewed to allow it to fall down to its lowest position - I don't quite remember.]

How much will a suitable replacement power steering pump cost for a 91 Camry cost?

Toyota Camry P/S Pump Search for and order a Toyota Camry P/S Pump, Toyota Camry Parts from Maximum Auto Parts. Toyota Power Steering Pump - Toyota Camry Power Steering Pump - Free Shipping - Order new, OEM and aftermarket Toyota Camry Power Steering Pump online at the lowest prices and get free shipping with most orders. We stock Toyota maintenance parts with savings of up 60%. - More pages from this site POWER STEERING PUMP for a 1991 TOYOTA CAMRY Normal Stock ONLINE ONLY ATSCO WITHOUT RESERVOIR 5086 LLT $34.00 $77.99

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What purpose does a clutch damper serve in line whydraulic system -is it the reason you can't completely bleed the system after installing new MCyl and SCyl and can it be bypassed?

The clutch damper softens the response of the clutch engagement/disengagement. It can definitely be removed, you just need to connect the 2 pieces that lead to and from it, fairly simple mod on most cars. The damper should (or most do that need it) have its own bleeder screw for bleeding the clutch hydraulic system (usually one on the slave cylinder and one on the damper itself. if you aren't bleeding both from lowest to highest (air goes up, bleed from the bottom up) that might be your problem. If you do remove the damper the clutch feel will be much stiffer and more responsive, i.e. you will be able to feel more when it engages and disengages.

Where do you add freon to a Toyota Camry?

When you are going to add Freon to a Toyota Camry, you need to know which type to add. You will need to put the Freon recharging coupler to the recharging kit, and get the engine to operating temperature. When the engine is at operating temperature put the air conditioning on the lowest setting and recharge the Freon with the windows of the car rolled down.