Whats the value of a jchiggins model 583-1101 20g bolt action and where might you find a book that will show the break down on it?

You have a model 583, serial number 1101. I have a model 583, serial number 19. Sears had these made by three different companies during their run, and the break down info was not readily available when they were new, much less now. If you need work done to it, a good smith will take care of it for you, even if it needs machining and replacement parts.

As for value, the only real value they have is in their ability to shoot and be accurate. I use mine for shooting trap and teaching my nephew how to shoot since it has little recoil. Mine has sentimental value since it was bought by my grandfather for my dad, and it is rare to see bolt action on the range these days on a shotgun. Aside from that, it is just another tool and it needs to work, like the rest of us. Market on it is $100 to $200, but only pristine with records go much over $150.

The 583 tells the vendor was High Standard and the 1101 gives the specific model and variation of the model. these guns were not serial numbered.