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You just put a timing belt on and now it won't start? The belt was installed incorrectly. Timing is more than likely off. Start over and do it right this time. It would appear that you need professional help with this job. I suggest you purchase a repair manual or take it to a trusted mechanic.


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Whats wrong when an 86 ford aerostar keeps trying to start after the engine is running?

check for fuel pressure to see if it's within spec the take a peak at the timing belt cover to see timing belt

it depends what is wrong with it....start by figuring that out. It doesnt work. Thats whats wrong with it.

Usually the spark plugs or the timing.

If it started previouslt then something disconnected (sensor etc) or timing is wrong

if i sccidently shorted the battery car wont start but cranks whats wrong ??

whats wrong with your face

Your question is unanswerable as it is. What are you trying to ask? There are many things that can be wrong if it does not start, or there could be nothing wrong with it in the first place.

Your timing is out of whack. Whats happening is the piston is still on its up stroke with the intake valve open when the combustion is starting. That's whats causing the knocking and backfiring. Does it only do this at startup? Does it run? You should get a timing light on her and fix the timing. Did you just change the spark plugs recently and maybe got them in the wrong spot.If not,Could be mistaken,but believe the advance and retardation of timing is controlled electronicaly,and that unit runs about 200 dollars or more.

The engine will not start. Need a scaner to scan engine, to see whats wrong.

whats wrong with it is it crooked or what?

it sounds like the timing belt has blown.remove the belt cover and look while trying to start..

Check the crankshaft sensor. Also check the timing and timing belt. The backfiring indicates that the engine is firing at the wrong time.

You moved the distributor too far either way is why it will not start.

my 93 ford escort lx cranks but wont start an run what is wrong with it please tell me

Describe whats wrong with it. does it freeze?

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