When a negative transcription factor is added to the regulatory region of DNA, what happens?

choose all that apply a. RNA polymerase does not bind to the regulatory region to begin transcription. b. RNA polymerase binds loosely to the regulatory region and transcription begins. c. The negative transcription factor cannot bind to the regulatory region so it does not affect the action of RNA polymerase. d. mRNA is not produced due to the presence of the negative transcription factor.

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Q: When a negative transcription factor is added to the regulatory region of DNA, what happens?
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What is a transcription factor?

regulatory proteins

What is the role of the transactivation domain?

Transactivation domains are regions on a transcription factor (protein) which helps to activate transcription by contacting transcription factor. This is believed to be done to recruit the general transcription factors onto the gene promoter region.

What is a density independent regulatory factor?


What is the function of rho factor?

The rho factor acts to terminate bacterial transcription.

What class of molecules is primarily responsible for differentiation?

transcription factor proteins.

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yes you can have both conditions together but it rarely happens.

How do tyrosine-kinase receptors transduce a signal?

Receptor tyrosine kinases move the signal molecule into the cell. The signal molecule then binds to and activates a transcription factor. The transcription factor then changes a gene expression

In a negative correlation as one factor is decreased the other factor?

In a negative correlation as one factor is decreased, the other factor is increased.

What is the function of the general transcription factor TFIID?

TFIID recognizes the TATA box.

What is activated by a signal transduction pathway moved from the cytoplasm to the nucleus of a cell?

transcription factor

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A negative scale factor is used to produce the image on the other side of the centre of enlargement (scaled to the absolute value of the scale factor).

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