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When Buddhism started?

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The timeline of Buddhism is not as well defined as some other

religions allege their's to be. Buddha's birth is felt to be

sometime between 563 BCE 623 BCE. Some authorities support a more

recent days of 400 BCE. The earliest Buddhist temples are thought

to have been constructed in about 500 BCE.

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2012-01-16 15:04:40

In the year 534 BCE, a young Indian prince named Siddhartha

Gautama (age 29) was deeply troubled about the fact that so many

people suffer. So he left his wife and child and renounced his

throne to find out the answer to why there was suffering. Now it

should be noted when Buddhists speak of suffering this includes

dissatisfaction (unhappiness) with the way things are. Siddhartha

went to study with various gurus to try to find the answer to his

question. Theses gurus had him do various types of yoga and

meditation to try to help him with his quest. None of them seem to

have an answer to his question though.

Siddhartha left these various gurus and joined in with a group

of ascetics. Asceticism is a path in which you deprive the body in

order to conquer and control the mind. He practiced asceticism

fiercely, almost to the point of death. At that point he realized

that giving in to pleasure, as he did when he was a prince, nor

trying to punish the body, was the proper path to finding the

answer. So he sat down and meditated under a pi-pal tree. During

this meditation he discovered the root of all suffering and the

path to how to overcome suffering and became enlightened.

After his enlightenment he meets up with his ascetic friends,

who by now were critical of him for leaving the path of asceticism.

But he explains to them what he had discovered and they were

instantly converted. From there The Buddha taught for 45 years

until his death at 85 converting many to his teachings and now

Buddhism is the 4th largest religion in the world.

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