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Just because you hear the pumps hum does not mean they are working. Also, where is the third pump? There should only be two, one in each tank. I am not aware of an F250 with a high pressure frame rail pump, how old is the truck? Have you pulled the fuel filter and checked for restriction? What happens when you pull the line off and turn the key on? Does fuel come out? When you say no fuel is getting to the engine, do you mean you have no fuel pressure, or the injectors aren't spraying anything? Could it be that fuel is getting to the fuel rail but the injectors are not firing? Could it be that you are getting some fuel pressure, but not enough fuel pressure? What if your fuel guage is wrong, and you have two empty fuel tanks? These are questions you need to answer to eliminate things down to your cause.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-20 13:07:45
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Q: When Ford F-250 5.0 engine turns over no fuel is getting to engine all 3 fuel pumps are working?
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