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Gandhi supported the war between India and the British. He wanted India to have independence from the British. He did this through nonviolent protests and marches.

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Why Mahatama Gandhi has not been given Nobel Prize for Peace?

The name of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi features in the records of the South African Amry.He served as a warrant officer. At the onset of the South African War, Gandhi argued that Indians must support the war effort in order to legitimize their claims to full citizenship. Pic of Mahatma Gandhi inArmy uniform can be seen

How did Americans support the war effort in World War I?

how did americans support war effort in world war 1

What did France do to help Americans war effort?

As in many games about WW2 France helped USA in Africa and a little bit in Europe fighting off the German armies and giveing support to US soldiers in Italy and Africa (mainly).

Which war effort did Gandhi support?

There wasn't a war which Gandhi did not supported. He supported all the wars in his time. Gandhi felt it was his duty to support the British during the Boer War; so he organized and led an Indian Corps to nurse When three hundred free Indians and eight hundred indentured servants volunteered, the whites were impressed. Gandhi was given a medal for his service in the Boer War. Gandhi also supported the British in their war with the Zulus. In South Africa he never did anything for the blacks. Gandhi wanted to be "Recruiter-in-Chief" for the Viceroy. In the spring of 1918 Gandhi was persuaded by the British to help raise soldiers for a final victory effort in the war. In 1917-18, Gandhi began tramping about India, recruiting men for the British Army. Charlie Andrews criticized Gandhi for recruiting Indians to fight for the British. Gandhi was still loyal to Britain and to the ideals of the British Constitution, with which he later declared to have "fallen in love. It was World War II that finally brought the itinerant saint-politician back into public life. After war broke out in September 1939, the British immediately brought India into the conflict without consulting the nationalist leadership. Even as howls of outrage rose from the Congress and the Muslim League, Gandhi was invited to see the Viceroy, now Lord Linlithgow. Having never lost his deep respect for Britain Gandhi pledged his personal support to Britain and the allies. Gandhi, unhappy at taking advantage of Britain's weakness. He told the Sikhs "don't let your swords rust". He wanted India to attack Kashmir. In his 1949 "Reflections on Gandhi," George Orwell, regarding the late war, wrote that "one question every pacifist had a clear obligation to answer was: 'What about the Jews? Are you prepared to see them exterminated? If not, how do you propose to save them without resorting to war?'" Orwell recorded Gandhi's answer, which was: German Jews should commit collective suicide. For more articles on Gandhi visit

What did Gandhi Boycott?

Imported cloth, he wanted people to spin their own in an effort to become less dependent on imports.

How do governments gather support for a war effort on the home front?

Governments typically gather support for a war effort through propaganda, bond drives and grand patriotic activities

How did people on the home front support the war effort?

Gov't gather support for a war effort typically through propaganda, bond drives, and grand patriotic activities/events.

What was the role of Confederate diplomat William Yancey?

During the US Civil War, Yancey was assigned to head a three man diplomatic effort to garner European support and recognition of the Confederacy. Later he returned and was a member of the Confederate Senate.

How did African Americans support the war effort?

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What was one result of president wilsons stroke?

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How did the American government mobilize the public to support the war effort?


What were war bonds for?

Support for the war effort in World War 2

What good thing did Mohandas Gandhi do?

His effort gained India's Independence from the British empire without inciting any one to use violence

How did the people on Minnesota's home front help support the civil war?

In what ways did minnesota support the war effort in ww2

How did the government help support the many mothers who went to work in support of the war effort?

by building day-care centers

Who Gave patriotic speeches urging support of war effort?

Winston Churchill

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none actuly

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They fought in it.

Which group was most divided in its support of the Ptriots war effort?

American Indians

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