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Q: When Hajj 2009 flight schedule from Pakistan?
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Related questions

When will be hajj flight schedule announce from Pakistan government?

Hajj has already been performed and Haji are returning home.

When will be hajj flights schedule from Pakistan announce?

For this year Hajj (2017) the list already has been published. Check in the place you have applied for.

How do you know when flights are going to hajj?

i want know y flight schedule for hajj 2012 my oassport # is NX6892231

When will be hajj flight schedule announce?

flight schedule has been announce today, check ur result pray for me too - malik

When will be hajj flight schedule for 2012 announce?

On 10th September,2012 on www.

What is the new flight schedule for hajj pilgrims from jeddah pwr?

give me info from jeddah to lahore

When will be up hajj flight schedule announce?

i dont know if u know plz tell me

What is the number of pilgrims who performed hajj in 2009?

Around 3 millions performed Hajj (pilgrimage) in year 2009.

What is the result of Pakistan hajj policy 2010?

Every musilm has a desire to perform hajj as it is a religious that must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by every able -bodied musilm who can afford to do so pakistan is one of those countries from where thousannd of people went to perform hajj every year to mecca kingdom of saudi arabia hajj is the fifth pillar of islam and it is currently the largest annual pilgrimage in the world.

Which countries have the most pilgrims to hajj?

Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangaladesh, Egypt and many others

Urdu paper 2009 of 2nd year?


How many people attended hajj in 2009?


How many people will attend hajj in 2009?

33,00,000 lakh

When is eid ul azha expected in 2009?

in dul hajj

Which is the last date of Hajj form?

11th of JULY 2009 or may be extended to 20th of JULY 2009

Which airport do you have to leave from to get to mecca?

If you are leaving from Pakistan, you may leave from Karachi, Haiderabad, Quetta, Lahore, Multan, Sialkot, Islamabad, Peshawar or, may be a new airport established for Hajj flights. From other countries different airports are used for this purpose. On your journey back, most Hajj flights are from Hajj Terminal Jadda.

How many people attend hajj in 2009?

2.3 million people

Where did hajj com from?

Hajj is a tradition established by Hazrat Abraham (Ibraheem in Arabic) as per command of Almighty Allah Karim. Hazrat Ibraheem (AS) built Ka'aba and announced to the people (born or still unborn) to come to Ka'aba to perform Hajj. Thus Hajj was started from the age of Hazrat Ibraheem (AS). Hajj is performed during the last month of the Islamic calendar. The schedule is as under, this is how Hajj is performed in different stages: All these rituals teach unconditional obedience to Allah Almighty. They teach equality, simplicity, sacrifice, tolerance and charity etc.

Hajj selection of mp qota 2009?

Asalamu Alikum i am from srinagar my question is how to find hajj(hajjies,pilgrims) selection.plz send me answer in my email address

What actors and actresses appeared in City Symphony - 2009?

The cast of City Symphony - 2009 includes: Youssef El Hajj Hala Hanna

What are 10 facts about hajj?

hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj

What are PIA first hajj flight Islamabad passenger names?

mehmood khan-hanfia-mehmond house no 2848 tooti khanroad havelian abbottabad

Why does other Muslims do not wear underwear?

That is not true. There is nothing that may prevent Muslims from doing so. However, Muslims never wear underwear on Hajj as that is one of the rules/ traditions. It is the same in Pakistan and many hot countries where it is more healthy not to wear, and I prefer not to. But no religious reason except for Hajj.

How do you use the word hajj in a sentence?

I am going to Hajj. I will go to Hajj next year. My aunt is back from Hajj. Performing Hajj is a good deed.

What does the crescent and star on the Pakistan flag represent?

The crescent stands for the bright future and five corners of the star are for five pillars of Islam i.e Tauheed, Salat , Fasting, Zakat and Hajj