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The main economic characterist of North Carolina was farming.The main crop was tobbaco. North Carolina supplied gold for the US goverment until 1830,When the gold was all mined out.

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When were North Carolina South Carolina founded and by whom?

North Carolina and South Carolina was founded by King Charles I and North Carolina was founded in 1653, and South Carolina was founded in 1663.

What date was North Carolina founded?

north carolina was founded in 1624

Founder North Carolina?

The Virginians founded the colony of North Carolina. This colony was founded in 1653 and South Carolina was founded in 1729.

What colonies were founded for economic reasons?

Viginia, North and South Carolina, and by extension Georgia

Who founded north and South Carolina?

North Carolina and South Carolina were founded at the same time and known as the Province of Carolina. It was founded by Sir Robert Heath of the United Kingdom.

Was North Carolina established for religion or economic reasons?

North Carolina was established for economic reasons.

What year was North Carolina founded?

North Carolina was settled in 1663.

Which Virginian founded North Carolina?

NEW ANSWER:The colony of North Carolina was founded by Sir Walter Raleigh, of England.

Who founded the colony North Carolina?

Colonial North Carolina was founded by king george or king Charles the second

Reasons for founding North Carolina?

North Carolina was founded for religious reasons and for economic reasons. The colonists wanted to be able to practice whatever religion they abtained. In order to do that, they had to escape from England.

Why was the North Carolina colony founded?

The North Carolina colony was founded because the Virginia colonist wanted to have religious freedoms

The people who explored North Carolina?

king James II founded North Carolina

John Locke founded what colony?

north carolina or south carolina

Who found the colony of North Carolina?

History has a little proof on it that North Carolina was founded by Virginia colonists.

Famous people in colonial North Carolina?

The Virginians and Taylor Janssen founded North Carolina Colony

Why was North Carolina colony founded?

it was founded for profit from trade and selling land.

When was UNC founded?

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was founded in 1789

When was University of North Carolina founded?

UNC Chapel Hill was founded in 1789

When were the Carolina Colonies Founded?

It was founded in 1663 but became a royal colony in 1729. When it became a royal colony, it was then split into North Carolina & South Carolina

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